Photohistory of a Pop Star

In the beginning the world was introduced to this, and life was good. Slight variations, such as this and this, followed suit. Eventually the performer became famous, and the freak within began to show through to the outside world, providing scenes such as this, this, and who could forget, this.

But fast forward only a couple of short months, and well, here is what we’ve got left.

:sniffle:.. makes me sad really… I used to be such a big fan.

Damn it feels good to be a gansta…

WTF?!?! I mean.. seriously… WTF.

In totally unrelated news, the folks at CNN got busted for trying to get the jump on other news agencies for creating Obituaries for famous folks who aren’t dead yet. Of course every news place does something similar.. but to put the ‘future-obits’ on a publically accessable web server for anyone to stumble across? Come on.

And who gets the job of deciding which famous people they should put together obits for in advance? Do they all vote on it at the beginning of the year? Some kind of CNN’s version of the Dead Pool?!

Side Note: alt.tasteless an incredible resource of humor and mirth if ever there was one.

Smoking Doesn’t Kill — Smokers Do.

You all laughed when I said that one day the smokers of the world would unite and rise up against the oppression and hatred we’ve all endured since you non-smoking pansy-assed folks came up with that whole ‘smoking kills!’ diatribe years back. You know, the evil glances, the being segregated and corralled into ‘special’ areas, the insane laws in some places banning smoking even in the great wide outdoors.

“One Day, ya’ll gonna push too far, we’ll get angry, and then ya’ll will pay!” I said. But nobody listened, nobody cared.

Now of course, the great City of New York has instituted a new law that has ruined that last bastion of nicotine enjoyment, banning smoking from the City’s 13,000 Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaruants. Nightclubs? Bars?! Hello People, this is the absolute *best* time to have a smoke in hand. You’re out at the club, getting your freak on, your drink on, and your smoke on. Life is good. Atleast, it is unless you happen to be unlucky enough to be getting your freak on, drink on, and smoke on in a NY city club…

Cause if that’s the case, somebody will wander over and inform you that the party is over, you can no longer enjoy your more-addictive-then-heroin-yet-perfectly-legal-(to-buy-but-not-smoke-apparently) drug of choice in the club.

And so the revolution begins….

LtB, Dead Already?

Nah, here’s the deal.. I refuse to update here just because. Lets face it, there’s only a handful or so of people who even know the site is here, and most of them probably never check it.. and that’s just fine with me, I don’t have it here for anybody other then myself. When I have something important to say or share, It’ll show up here.. but right now, there’s just been so much stuff going on away from the Computer (Work, Family, etc, etc, etc) that I just haven’t had the time to really organize my thoughts long enough to post anything.

Besides, there’s plenty of news going on in the world right now to keep ya’ll entertained… go watch CNN or something… come back later, maybe there will be something more entertaining here by then…