My Hero of the day

This little girl… so sweet.. so precious… so industrious.

Of course, here in the states she’d probably be labled a terrorist for helping educate her fellow classmates in the construction of a known weapon of terrorists.. cause.. you know, being that smoking pot is supporting terrorism and all that. :shrug:

In other news, your loving webmaster here is caught up once again purging the lands of Norrath of all it’s evils… or being one of those evils.. all depending on my mood. What’s this mean for the site? Oh, I’ll still be updating, no doubt, I’m going to make it my goal to update atleast three times a week… why not daily? cause, well, that’d just be setting myself up for disappointment.. ya’ll know I can’t possibly update every day, geeze. 🙂

11/05/03 : Clear Your Calendar

11/05/03… Everything that has a beginning, has an end.. and that end comes on 11/05, so mark your calendar, tell your boss you’ll be sick that day, and plan to flop your ass down at the local theater to check out the final installation of the Matrix… WB released a full length trailer today (Bittorrent users, get yours here, everyone else suffer and moan about how slow the WB servers are today), and I have to say, my hopes are once again rising over this.

See.. the first movie? Loved it. Second installment? letdown. Major letdown. In some ways it was good, but overall, it just hadn’t lived up to the hype in my own mind, ya know?

So of course, here I go getting all excited about the final one… but I’m promising to myself today, I will not let the hype get to me.. Everytime I feel myself getting anxious and waiting for 11/05 with bated breath, I shall say to myself “Yo, Remember, the 2nd one sucked compared to what you expected, this will probably be just as lame as the 2nd one was.”

But even if it is, I’ll still have to run out and see it opening weekend… just cause.

A Real, Honest to Goodness Update

Yup, it’s true. Sorry for the huge slowdown around here, I’ve just had a million other things going on, and there was some glitch in the MTAmazon plugin for MoveableType keeping me from being able to rebuild the site.. and well, I’ve just been too busy to really dig into it.

Of course, from what I can see, every MTAmazon installation out there is going to break at some point, as at some point (around Early August) some underlying perl module was upgraded/released, and well, now MTAmazon triggers an array error in XML::Simple. And no, placing a working XML::Simple into the extlib folder does NOT fix it… the problem appears to be deeper then that. and yes, I contacted the author of MTAmazon letting them know about the error.. but no, a solution has not been found.

So the obvious choice here is, downgrade perl modules across the board, or just dump MTAmazon for the time being…. greeeeaaaat. MTAmazon is gone.. ya’ll will have to live without my listing of Xbox Goodness.

But have no fear, many other things *are* on the stove around here, I’m cooking up some good old fashion fun stuff for everyone’s enjoyment… but you know, given my current schedule and history of working on the site, It’ll be Christmas before I get any of it released. 😉