Here I was just reminiscing about the old BBS days earlier this week…

Frostbyte is gone


I would make a smart assed comment about “Well, what a way to go” or something (in reference to the “clad in fetish gear, dead of a heart attack, surrounded by chains, wetsuits, and masks, as well as illicit drugs” state in which he was found, for those of you too lazy to RTFA), but I’m still just a little weirded out by the whole thing. Kevin was always a little quirky, but damn he was intelligent… like.. frighteningly intelligent. I mean, this was the guy who had old Apple ][gs in the back of his stationwagon for music.. (years before in-car mp3 players were in created, let alone in vogue)…

Oh.. my… gawd.

So I had a moment to kill, and found myself telnetting into an old system I haven’t logged into in ages, and I get greeted by something I didnt think I’d ever see again:

Joe Smith #2328 downloaded "ALTNET .ZIP" on 11/11/2005

At first I was like, WTF was ALTNET.ZIP, that I would have been *uploading* it to this system for others to look at? And then I remembered… back in the day when there was still a real local BBS scene (translation, before the Internet swooped everyone up), when 14.4K modems were still “new” there was this little network of boards that I helped create…. and we had put together a little zip file full of information on said network to spread around the word and recruit other systems into it…. so of course I had to download it, uncompress it, and check it out to see what memories it brought back… ah, theres the file I wanted…

ALT-GEN 1 R AlterNETive General Discussions
ALT-SYS 1 R AlterNETive Sysops Talk
TCM-MEN 2 R The Mens Room (MEN ONLY)
TCM-FEM 2 R The Ladies Room (WOMEN ONLY)
TCM-3 2 R Project Moondust - UFO Discussions
TCM-1 2 G "I Remember When..." [Modemer Memories]
UWA1 2 GNR UWA Results & Announcements [READ ONLY]
UWA2 2 GNR UWA (Wrestlers Quotes & Trash Talk)
PRO 2 GNR Pro Wrestling Discussions w/ The Expert
NWF001A 2 GNR NWF Match Results [RPG] (READ ONLY)
NWF002B 2 GNR NWF Updates and Wrestler's Quotes (RPG)
ALTYELL 2 NRT AlterNETive Yellow Pages [255 PSL ONLY]
TCM-4 2 NR Adult Film Reviews w/ Starslayer
TCM-5 2 R Mixed Drink Recipes
ZAV4140 4101 GR AVA: Audio Video Assembly Updates (Read Only)
ZAV4141 4101 GR AVA: Ansi Artwork
ZAV4142 4101 GR AVA: RipScript Graphics
ZAV4143 4101 GR AVA: PC Graphics Discussions
ZAV4144 4101 GR AVA: Music Composition (MOD/S3M)
ZAV4145 4101 GR AVA: Programming Discussion
ZAV4146 4101 GR AVA: UUencoded Files (410 and/or Direct Network Connect Only)
Z410PTY 4101 R Maryland (410) BBS Parties & Events
ZLSRDRG 4101 R Only User's Lose Drugs
ZSFTWRE 4101 R Detailed Software Reviews/Talk
ZPCTECH 4101 R Computer Technical Assistance
ZDEADPC 4101 R Computing Disaster Stories
ZMWIN95 4101 R Windows 95
ZMODEMG 4101 R Head 2 Head: Modem PC Games
ZVCHEAT 4101 R Video Game Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs
ZNPDTLK 4101 R Pirates of the High Speeds
ZHPVAEI 4101 R H/P/V/A: Ethics & Issues
ZTECHNO 4101 R Futurist Sonatas: Trance/Techno/House...
ZOGAMES 4101 R Online Games. Worth it?

Obviously this particular pack was either put together very late in the life of AlterNETive, or was just very sadly out of date, cause I know for a fact there were atleast a dozen other message boards involved, and the BBSLIST from this pack was missing almost *everyone* that I remember being involved… Infact aside from PE, The City Morgue, and The Flamethrower, I dont even recognize any of the other boards listed as being members at the time this pack was put together… (sad, since I was supposedly running the dang thing.. ehehe)

But still, there was atleast something to make me giggle….Adult Film Reviews w/ Starslayer.. ehehehe… Definately Chuckles…

I wonder if they ever got a release of WWIV running under linux? hmmm….