Hey, Stop Distracting Me By Rubbing Lotion On Your Legs

This article was copied over from the my entries on E2 for preservation and protection from the vile hordes of egotistical people who seem to rule there these days.

It happens every so often, and I dread when it does, cause it pretty much blows my productivity for the day…

I’ll just be sitting here at the office, being a good little productive member of cubicle society, perhaps even going so far out on a limb as to node a few interesting tidbits of information, minding my own business in general… when suddenly, in the middle of an otherwise harmless ICQ message, a certain sexy female will drop in:

“I got distracted rubbing lotion on my legs.”
“Hey! Stop that!”” I say back, knowing full well that my productivity has just fallen from the sky like a ton of bricks.
“you mean images of me dispensing small droplets of creamy white lotion into my hands and rubbing them up and down my silky delicious inner thighs bothers you??? *innocent
Comes back her reply..

Bothers?! Bothers? Hell No, how about “induces insane amounts of intense sexual desire.” I’m trying to work here people… messages like this does NOT make it easy.

Now I’m stuck here, at the office, full of strange old ladies and clueless bosses, trying hopelessly to remain productive, while thoughts and mental images of the smoothest, most sensual, most delectable,most desirable thighs I know rampage my now dazed and confused hormone infested mind.

I’ll get no more work done this day, this much is certain. All I can do is sit here and contemplate some way of getting even for a deed this foul.

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