Another monday morning… glorious wonderous Monday morning…

No amount of caffienne seems to wake me from my weekend slumber. No amount of Digitally Imported hard house can rattle my brain into functioning. Nothing at all seems to help.

The weekend was fairly good, went out drinking and playing pool with Tiff, my cousin, and an old friend Saturday night, and all was good. Did find out some interesting gossip regarding an old… acquantince, but here is not the place nor time to spread some gossipy rumors, so I’ll keep them to myself for now. But other then that small amount of old-school drama, the night was fairly quiet and relaxed… all in all a good time.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much filled with Spinter Cell, Dead to Rights, and OZ. Have to make a mental note to go buy the second season now.. there’s just something about that series that I liked.. maybe because it wasn’t all flowers and niceness… maybe it was the fact it was mean, and rough, and people got whacked.. who knows, maybe I’m just a sick, sick man.

Still playing with the site here a bit, I’m still not entirely sure I like the layout just yet, so expect some moderate changes over the next few weeks as I find something I like… also need to add some of the other great folks I know to the links section… they’ll slowly take shape.

Also, on a totally bizarre and unrelated note. I was over at Dean’s and saw this entry on strangeness on Baltimore Roads and sure enough, I’d seen them on one of my trips up to NY… I remember vaguely noticing this strange little sign looking thing embedded in the street, but didn’t think much more of it after that, since I was hurrying by to get someplace, for something. Anyway, apparently these little buggers appear around downtown Baltimore as well. Interesting.. very interesting.

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