Last Night, On Fox

So last night was the premier of “Joe Millionaire”… yippie. I tried to watch it, really I did.. I lasted about 8 minutes into it before going back onto the computer to work on a project instead. The concept behind the show, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock, is simple: 20 girls fight over one bachelor dude who’s just inheritied $50Million in cash… of course, once he whittles the contestents down to just one girl, he has to tell her the truth.. the fifty G’s is a scam put on by Fox, atleast, that’s the secret as Fox has protrayed it so far. Some others out on the net seem to believe there’s something else up.

Now think about this.. 20 women…. slowly over the weeks there is only one left.. she’s involved with this guy, they fall madly in love… and oh yeah, there’s that little secret he’s got to tell her… Am I the only one who sees this ending badly for some reason? Tiff was the first to scream ‘Lawsuit!’… and although I’m sure Fox has more then enough slimy lawyers to cover their ass seven ways to Sunday, I’m not so sure Tiff isn’t onto something. Somebody (probably many somebody’s) will be plenty-o-pissed when all this hits the fan… Which it already has in real life remember, yet nobody’s gone public and bitched? Hmm.. I smell something fishy. I predict it ends up coming out the entire thing is one big scam, not on the 20 ladies, but on the people silly enough to think that Fox would air anything ‘REAL’ in the first place.

Anyway, this morning I hit the net and find Mr. Millionaire in his undies, which just seems to add even more fun to this entire twisted situation. I post this link for the ladies…

Shesh, yesterday was human on horse action, today it’s the usual tastelessness from Fox Broadcasting. The very same idiots who cancelled my lovely Dark Angel to replace it with that crap-fest Firefly.. Blargh, what is the world coming to.

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