It’s Friday, You ain’t got nothing to do..

You know, it’s true, look long enough, and you can find anything you heart desires on the internet. I’m not just talking car parts, porn, and cheap airline tickets either. For instance, I’ve been deeply searching my soul for an answer to a burning question that cuts to the core of my being.

Drew Barrymore, or Liv Tyler?

I mean, ever since the days of “Firestarter” I though Drew was cute (Oh stop it, she’s two years older then me, so yeah, in Firestarter she was like 8, but I was like six, so it’s not a perverted thing… sheesh). Not to mention that whole her growing up into a complete freak and then posing in Playboy (I think that issue is still at my dads someplace.. hmmrmmmmm).. anyway…

But then Liv came along… I donno, first it was her and Alicia Silverstone in the “Crazy” video… then she looked all sweet and cute in Armageddon… Then she played some crazy whacked out psycho she-bitch from hell named Jewel in that McCools movie… (a performance I can forgive, cause you know, there was sexins in that there movie…) But then there’s this whole Liv playing elven chick in the Lord Of The Rings series… rowr. So obviously, the guys in the audience here can understand my delima….

Well, after searching for months and months, I think I have the perfect solution to the question, Drew, or Liv… The answer my friends is easy, once you realize it’s an option:


That’s it. Problem Solved, I’m done. I can die a happy guy now.

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