Pains Of Addiction

Alright, I admit it, I’m still suffering from Anarchy Online withdraw. Even though I pretty much gave up playing completely over what, 8, 9 months ago, I still find myself occasionally yearning to go back. Sometimes it’s just to catch up with the few remaining people I know who are still playing, sometimes it’s to checkup and see if maybe, just maybe, the idiots at Funcom finally got the game right… (Sadly, I know that’s not the case just by checking their support forums occasionally).. and sometimes it’s just because I feel like hanging out in MMORPG land, and I know damn well going back to hanging out in Everquest isn’t an option, even for a temporary visit… that would be far too dangerous. I mean, going back to EQ, even temporarily, would be like giving an alcoholic a bottle of everclear, but just for a few moments.

The one saving grace for me, that’s kept me from even venturing back to the lands of Norrath, is simple… It’s been to long. I know that all my Characters are long gone, deleted off of Sony’s servers years ago not long after I stopped paying them on a monthly basis… and I’ll be damned if I’d go back just to start all over back in the newbie fields whackin on fire beetles and skeletons.

Unfortuently (for me), the folks at Funcom are apparently much more relaxed in their system database cleanups… Even though it’s been months and months, I see my last character is still in the system… of course, it appears the guild he was in seems to have disappeared, but that’s to be expected, they were a bunch of goons anyway. Hell, even my first character in AO, the one I learned all my mistakes with (A Fixer?! WTF was I thinking?!), is still there… :shrug:

The problem is this… as evidenced by this update.. I’m thinking about AO again. It’s an itch, every so often I get it.. this time it’s sparked on by the recent release of the expansion pack for AO… see, not only do I feel this urge to plunk down $12.95 to get me another months playtime that I’ll probably only use a few nights worth of before I realize that funcom has taken what should have been an EQ Killer of a game, and turned it into a total crapfest thanks to bad programming and implementation… but I also want to plunk down $19.95 to score the expansion pack first! bahahahaha.

Somehow I’ll hold off, not do it, keep my money… or maybe I won’t. Of course… Star Wars Galaxies is coming one of these days, and I just know I’ll end up getting sucked it into that one. How can I not….it’s gonna have Wookies.

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