Smoking Doesn’t Kill — Smokers Do.

You all laughed when I said that one day the smokers of the world would unite and rise up against the oppression and hatred we’ve all endured since you non-smoking pansy-assed folks came up with that whole ‘smoking kills!’ diatribe years back. You know, the evil glances, the being segregated and corralled into ‘special’ areas, the insane laws in some places banning smoking even in the great wide outdoors.

“One Day, ya’ll gonna push too far, we’ll get angry, and then ya’ll will pay!” I said. But nobody listened, nobody cared.

Now of course, the great City of New York has instituted a new law that has ruined that last bastion of nicotine enjoyment, banning smoking from the City’s 13,000 Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaruants. Nightclubs? Bars?! Hello People, this is the absolute *best* time to have a smoke in hand. You’re out at the club, getting your freak on, your drink on, and your smoke on. Life is good. Atleast, it is unless you happen to be unlucky enough to be getting your freak on, drink on, and smoke on in a NY city club…

Cause if that’s the case, somebody will wander over and inform you that the party is over, you can no longer enjoy your more-addictive-then-heroin-yet-perfectly-legal-(to-buy-but-not-smoke-apparently) drug of choice in the club.

And so the revolution begins….

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