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You know, the whole “you can’t tell everyone what a drunken ho I was” court case involving Tucker was funny in and of itself.. (really, I will get a full update on here about it one day)… but now there’s one even more… crazy.

The folks over at Viacom have decided to turn TNN into “Television for Men” (Hell yes! Take this you Lifetime watching women!)… and so they wanted a new name… so they came up with SpikeTV… yeah yeah, it sounds like exactly what a bunch of guys from “The Nashville Network” would name their station.. Well… Apparently Spike Lee Isn’t Amused.

WTF? No “SpikeTV” just because there happens to be some (relatively) famous dude named Spike? Just how ridiculous is this? Does this mean I can’t name my firstborn child NBC like I had planned? Does this mean all those guys named Fox are going to start climbing out of the woodwork.

I have now lost all faith in mankind, excuse me while I go hang my head in shame.

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