Traffic is up around here!

Just looked at the stats, and so far, this month traffic has picked up a HUGE amount over the previous months…. looking at the logs, I do see some trends, so allow me to get a few things out of the way real quick:

To The Folks who’ve found me via the FuckedCompany Forums:

“Ra!… Now excuse me while I go whip Chef’s ass at some hoops…. CIGAW?”

To the Folks who’ve come here via FARK:

Life Size Domo says Hi! (BTW: You who has the rest of the Otakon photos from this last year, I need them! I don’t have the photos from last year’s Domo fest anywhere! Email them to me! Especially the one with Domo and the cute little kitty girl… :rowr:…. You took your site down, remember?! I had to find this one via google.. feel my pain.)

To the Folks who’ve come here via some guy’s homepage link on those high school reunion type sites:

“This is not the webpage you are looking for…” No.. really.. it’s not.. I swear… well.. maybe it is.. but only if you’re one of those ladies from High School that I remember so fondly… or is that fondlingly… whichever, in either case, if you are, and you know, there’s some unresolved chemistry between us that needs to be resolved, then yeah, this is the site you’re looking for, shoot me an email or something… On the other hand, if you’re some jerkoff who still owes me some cash or a dime bag, go the hell away… unless you got my shit, understand?

To the folks who found us by searching google for “why do i lick balls”:

Beats the hell out of me.. why do you lick balls? and why do you feel the need to search the web for this term? and why the hell are there so many of you freaks!

ANYWAY… the point I guess is.. regardless of how you got here, welcome.

Holy hell, I’ve almost managed to fill this frontpage up with entries! wooowho! now if only I can keep updating on a regular basis in some form, and somehow at the same time also remember how to be entertaining.. hmmm. I’ll have to work on that part I guess. Next update… really.

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