13 Cents?!

Someone please, explain this to me. I just wrote out a check for thirteen damn cents to AT&T. Why? Because they sent a bill, for thirteen damn cents. They expelled the energy and costs to print a bill, stuff it in an envelope, and pay the postage, to deliver a bill for thirteen cents?!

Which of course, I have now wasted the paper to cut a check, for thirteen cents, and my better half (as part of the deal we struck when I looked at her like she had grown a 2nd head when she said “I need a check from you for thirteen cents..” like it was an everyday occurance) will front the 37 cents to mail it back to AT&T, who will then expend more time/energy/money to process a check for 13 cents. Keep in mind, banks like to charge businesses a ‘per item’ deposit fee.. (usually around 20 cents on each item)… So I figure this 13 cent bill has cost them ATLEAST a buck fifty to process/send.. (postage to us, check deposit fee, paper, envelope, time, manpower,etc).

Ten times what they ‘gain’ from my payment. And I’m sure somewhere inside the dark cooridors of the AT&T Death Star, some upper management guru is trying to figure out why their stock is trading at a third of what it was a year ago. Here’s a clue my friend, it’s because you spend $1.50 collecting a 13 cent check, when you could have just rolled it forward to next months bill. :sigh:

Next time, I call and make them charge it. muahahaa.

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