Asta la vista, Bay-be.

So it appears that a little over 30 minutes ago everyone’s favorite soon-to-be ex governor of California made his concession speech, looks like the Terminator himself will be the next leader of the great state of California.


Really… does it matter? Does anyone really for a second think that Mr. Ahn-old is going to make any type of real difference once he gets into place and realizes just what a mess he’s gotten himself into? I mean really, all this talk of “Change” and all, does Ahn-old even realize this is a goverment beaurocracy we’re talking about. Mr. Arnold can dream all he wants, but ultimately he’s going to be stuck in the same political BS that wears down/tires out/bogs down every other starry eyed idealist who turns to politics thinking they’re going to make a difference.

I mean, lets face it, you can be the roughest, toughest action hero in the world, that doesn’t make you a good leader or a good politician… Need I remind everyone that it wasn’t *that* many years ago that a certain Hollywood bad-ass decided to Make His Own Day and run for Mayor of his beloved hometown? How’d that turn out you ask? A single two year term, and no attempt at continuing a career in politics… wonder why? Oh yeah, the petty BS got to ’em… the hallmark of politics. So much so that Dear Dirty Harry was one of the earliest to warn Ah-nold.

Now, before I get accused of being all cynical and meanspirited (I am), I do want to send some warm fuzzy feelings out to one particular canidate in this whole California mess tonight… Georgy Russell, who as of CNN’s latest figures (32% of precincts reporting), had amassed approximately 541 votes, placing her 38th out of the 135(?) canidates… not a bad turnout for someone who a year ago nobody had ever heard of, and even more astonding given the young age of the canidate (lets face it, us 18-35ers aren’t usually the most motivated to get out and vote, especially on a last minute recall election that most people don’t fully understand…)

I can already hear you all screaming “but wait, she’s just the kind of starry eyed ‘I-wanna-do-good’-er you were just saying would never make it in politics for long!”… this is true. However, there’s a big difference between her and Arnold.. I actually believe her when she says these things. Which actually makes me kind of glad she didn’t win, because lets face, Arnold gets there, gets beat to a pulp by the system, who cares, his heart wasn’t really in it anyway… whereas she’s like.. nice.. and stuff… and actually seems to care… it would be a million times sadder to watch the goverment system of non-productivity wear her down to a nub.. whereas it’ll be kind of, well, fun, to watch the same thing happen to ‘ol Arnold.

Besides, she’s incredibly cute and is a friend of the little guy…. oh, alright, so that was just a cheap excuse to link Coleman’s picture with the phrase “little guy”.. sorry.. I’m a sucker for an easy innuendo-link.

ANYWAY.. my point was… Georgy… seriously… congrats… not on coming in 38th out of 135, but for doing what you felt was right, and sticking it out even though the govenator was on the warpath. 🙂 Here’s hopin your site doesn’t disappear on us all tomorrow.. I mean, really, where will I get my political edumacation from?

And Arnold? Really… Congradulations.. :snicker:… enjoy you new found fun and exciting job… :bahahahaha:

My predictions? Arnold: One term, no run for re-election, couldn’t drag his ass back into politics after this is over with… Georgy: Who knows, but whatever it is, she’ll do just fine, she’s, you know, a smart cookie and stuff. 🙂

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