It was a BOOB people.

A boob, a female breast, a “mammary gland extending from the front of the chest in pubescent and adult human females and some other mammals” (thanks to Merriam Webster for that one).

Granted, it was an… interestingly adored boob, and one spotted during what is, I believe, the single most watched television event of the year… but it was STILL just a BOOB.

It was not the end of the world, nor was it the most newsworthy event of the last four days…. in the last four days:

Dean got the crap kicked out of him in the primaries.
Lieberman wised up and decented to bow out early.
Somebody’s started mailing lovely things like Ricin around the country again.
…. The world finds out that North Korea could very well have the means to wipe out everyone on the planet after all.
…. An 11 year old girl was kidnapped off the street in broad daylight, the entire thing caught on tape.
…. Over 100 people died at the hands of yet another suicide bomber in Iraq.

Yet all I hear about constantly is Boob this, and boob that. “What about the children?” they say, “It was shameful, horrible, and intolerable!” I hear, “Absolutely disgusting, a show of just how harmful television has become for children in this day and age“.. Boob, Boob, Boob.

Am I the only one seeing a priority problem here? Do we really need every local newscast, Entertainment Tonight and Extra! report investigating “The Boob”? Is it really that big of an issue? Is there really nothing else in the world worthy of being talked about?

And for the record, this my friend, is television that is bad for children. A boob does not end in death, unless it’s the boob of one of those Austin Powers Fembot things, where a machine gun pops out and starts punching holes in peoples chests.

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