So about an hour ago I saw someone that just.. well… struck me funny… let me start at the bottom and work my way up:

– Sun-blazing white tennis shoes, almost looked like old school clamshells from a distance.
– Black adidias style running pants, complete with bright white stripes down the sides of the legs from the 80s.. but this whole outfit looked brand new… the whole thing had a shine to it.
– Long black coat, looked almost like a black trench-coat.. but this one had all this black fur-esque stuff around the neck area, the cuffs, and the bottom edges of the coat, which was opened (it’s damn cold here today) to expose the single large (about 6″) gold cross worn on what appeared to be “thumb thick” gold rope around that was long enough to put the bottom of the cross about at navel level… (Flava Flav and Mr. T would have beat each other senseless over this one, trust me)
– Simple, yet elegant black “Pimp Cane” in one hand, being used to help facilitate the “pimp swagger” up the street.
– Full black beard, long hair pulled back into a long pony tail, emerging out from under…
– A big black velvet cowboy hat, complete with what looked like a gold belt wrapped around it. Now, thats the best way I can describe this hat. I just spent an hour on Google trying to find something like it, but to no avail… picture something like this, but where that little beaded thing wraps around the base of the hat? Take that off, and in it’s place put an inch and a half high strip of gold belt, all the way around the hat… thats as best as I can illustrate this… thing of beauty for you. (I swear I need to remember to carry my cell phone/camera with me when I go to lunch, I would kill to have gotten a few photos of this outfit)…

Basically, I thought there *had* to be a casting call out for “Stereotypical Pimp Daddy for a 70s style blackxplotation” film, and this guy *had* to be the winner.

He would have had my vote, for sure.

Except that this isn’t Hollywood…. and the guy looked to be about 45 or even 50….

oh yeah, and he was white.

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