New Life? Could it be?

Alright, heres the deal. My LiveJournal blogging days are pretty much over. I’ve decided that:

1) I like the things I can do with WordPress far more then I like the limited things I can do with LiveJournal.
2) I’m too much of a lazy freak to really keep two seperate blog-type-things going at the same time.
3) The only reason I really wanted an LJ account was so I could comment on other peoples blogs anyway.

So the couple of (judged by me) ‘good’ entries that were in my LJ are now here. And anything new and noteworthy (ha!) will also go here. The rest of the ‘floatsam’ that was filling my LJ is now gone… p00f I says.

Thus marks a (me hope) new beginning for LtB… I realized this morning on the way into the office that I actually miss writting on a regular basis… so I want to do something with this place again… First thing I need to do is upgrade my WordPress installation… then there are a few changes I want to make to the look of the site here… and I want to get some other things added to it.. (woowho, more work!)

Anyway… lets see how it goes.

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