East syyyyddddde

Our house, was our castle and our keep
Our house, in the middle of our street

Our house, that was where we used to sleep
Our house, in the middle of our street

So, after driving past maybe a dozen houses (tops), and actually stepping inside a total of… three. Ze offer was made, Ze offer was accepted.. now the fun part begins. (In all honestly, the other half spent a little more time driving past and checking out places then I.. there was a weekends worth of house-hunting that I was too sick to partake in… I only stepped inside of three places personally though)

The fact that new place is on the East side of town.. over there where those people live… well… I probably find much more humor in that part then I really should (after all, how we break it to the in-laws I know not… they will not be thrilled with the location, this I know). It’s really a nice house, and the neighborhood seems quiet and friendly enough. But it’s over *there*… muahahhaa.

[Disclaimer: I grew up on the east side.. I am one of those people… I just find it intensely humorus that much ado was made about my move “up” to the north side of town a couple years back, and here we are, four years later, and the absolutely most fabolous house to be found and had just so happens to be *back* over there, among… those people… muahahahaha. To me the whole thing is a mute point, I spent 24 years living “over there”, and while I know some areas that are a bit more.. interesting, then others, I never felt unsafe or “lessor” for living “over there”… however I know that there is, to some folks, a… stigma associated with parts of said area… when I moved up north, this was cause for much teasing and proding by certain folks… really it was more of a private joke between me and the wife… while I never saw my old hood as “bad”, I did (and do still) recognize that there be some mighty… interestin folk who live over there. But you know what, there be some mighty interesting folk who live up here on the north side too… the difference is that up here none of the more interesting folks speak english…. but I digress… back to the house.]

It is an awesome house me thinks. Big privacy fenced back yard for partying that backs to a nice wooded area… nice deck for grillin and chillin… huge downstairs area to house the awesome TV and home-theater system of thunder… 3 bedrooms, 1.75 baths (dont ask where the extra .25 bath comes from, you wouldnt believe me if I tried to explain)… a nice pool to float around in while the maid brings me my icy smoothie drinks.. erm.. I mean…

Anyway.. now the fun part begins.. the paperwork, the settlement, the getting the place ready, scheduling the move, working out all the details of that fun stuff.. and of course.. paying for it. But overall, happy me is… Could we have found something “tolerable” in our price range and still been in the “oh so fashionable” north-side of town? Sure. Infact, I saw the insides of two seperate house that were in said fashionable area… both within our “Oh yeah, you can do that” price range according to the finance man… but neither of them gave me the same warm fuzzy feeling I had the moment I checked out this place, and neither had anywhere near the amount of space (or solitude) that the backyard in this place has… One of them was very similar (age/layout) to this place, but was quite a bit smaller and way more cramped feeling… the other screamed “Deathtrap!” at me, even before I fell down the incredibly trecherous stairwell of doom…. and both of them were a good 15-25K more then the one we went with.

So yeah, I’m going back “Over there”, where I shall live with “those people”… and this time I’m taking my loving wife with me, first we tease her bangs up to about 4 feet high, then we start on the wardrobe (somebody got a line on some skin-tight black jean pants? Who makes plaid body suits in this day in age?)… I already sectioned off a piece of the backyard in my mind where I can put the (as of yet to be aquired) Camaro up on blocks while I work on it…


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