Sweeter Tasting Sperm, Joanie

No, the title has nothing to do with what I wanted to ramble about. But it was the title of the newest addition to my “spam!” folder in my email. Now, I understand the desire for sweet tasting sperm, believe me, I understand. I think any guy, if a magical genie were to appear before them and proclaim “I can make your sperm taste like sweet sweet chocolate forever, for I am the magical chocolate sperm genie!” would jump at the offer, for any guy has the ability to put two and two together. “If my sperm tastes sweet like chocolate, then my girl will love the taste of it, and will want every drop she can get, and that means everybody wins!”.. So anyway, my point is, I understand what they’re trying to sell here, even if I don’t nesicarily *buy* the sales pitch. (if such a wonderous creation existed, wouldnt everyone know about it? wouldn’t there have been a nobel peace prize given out for this wonder-drug?)

What I don’t get is, who is Joanie, and just why does SHE want her sperm to taste sweeter? Unless this email is from some guy who possesses this wonderous fountain of chocolate sperm, and he’s offering to share in the riches with her specifically, then whats the deal?

Anyway, the real thing I wanted to ramble about was, some bastage stole the license plates off my beloved truck over the weekend.

Why. Why Me. Why Again.

This is the 2nd set of plates in 3 years that I’ve had disappear right off my vehicle. The first set happened while at the office, which is to be expected (remember, I work in the ‘bad side of town’), but this most recent act of rudeness was perpertrated in broad daylight, while the truck was sitting outside my apartment…. You know, the neighborhood that is supposed to be safe and ‘not like that’… ha.

So anyway this morning I got to spend about 90 minutes in the good company of the folks at the Motor Vehicles Department. Oh rapture! Oh joy! However could I ever possibly repay whatever kind individual gave me the opportunity to enjoy my morning so?

Castration? With a rusty spoon you say? Yeah, that’s about what I was thinking too.

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