Well, thats done.. now the *fun* begins

So we closed on our new place yesterday morning. The closing itself went fairly painlessly, with only one little snafu, which was totally unexpected (and kind of sucked), but did not derail the overall goal.

We be owninz a hiz-ouse.

Or something.

The folks at Walmart and Home Depot will undoubtedly love and adore me before we’ve gotten moved in however, since there is much to be procured, assembled, re-decorated and so forth. So far the only work done was replacing the locks and the ever important ceremonial replacing of the porcelin throne seats (wooha!), but there is much more to be done.. wallpaper needs removing, walls need painting, everything needs a thorough dusting/scrub down… there’s a finicky sump-pump which I will either beat into submission or replace… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But oh, what fun it shall be once it’s complete. I was sitting on the back deck last evening, enjoying my favorite nicotine laced carcinogen product, watching the squirrels run and play along the back fence, listening to the “chiiirrrrrp” of the millions of insects who call our wooded area home, and realized… I really think I’m going to like it here.

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