Otakon: Day Zero

It’s not really day one, that doesn’t start until tomorrow morning. But today the plan was simple, to skip work, come down to the Inner Harbor, get in line, and get our registration crap (Picking up our passes/programs/etc, since we already pre-registered like all smart little otaku would do), and have that done, so that tomorrow when the con actually starts, we wont be wasting five hours in like with the other 12,000 people who decided to try and get their registrations done on Day One.

All in all, things went well. We got in line about 2pm, found ourselves only half way around the building (the 1st man in line was rumored to have gotten in line at 5am this morning.. ha, I value my sleep, I’ll settle for getting in line at 2pm and being around the 1st corner). Around 5pm the line started moving, mostly because they were herding us all inside the convention center to stand in yet more lines (aka: The Mouse Mazes). We got lucky with the way they were filling the mouse mazes, and we had our registration packets in hand by about 5:40.

So anyway, mission accomplished. We managed to hit the new Edo Sushi (Harborplace Pavilion, the PRATT street pavilion, not the light street one where Hooters is), which thankfully has not yet been swarmed by the massive number of Otaku in town. (I’m trying to be optimistic that it may stay that way, atleast a little bit through tomorrow, as Edo’s place down here just opened, and is *not* mentioned in the Otakon program guide anywhere that I found).

Oh yeah, we also got chased out of the convention center shortly after for occupying some tables (hey, the other half wanted to look over the program guide a while, and I wanted to whip out the laptop and check out the wireless hotspot scene around the convention center to see if I could find a way out to the net. 😉 ) But oh well, tomorrow the con starts for real, and the fun shall begin in earnest.

Did not bring the bulky digi-camera from hell this year (don’t ask), but I will try and get some decent shots with the cell-cam and get a gallery up sometime next week… if I remember.

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