Life continues…

The great move of 2005 is completed, and things are beginning to settle into something resembling normalcy for me.. or atleast what passes for normalcy for me. 😉 Will attempt to get some new photos of the finished job up and onto the photo gallery I’ve got installed over here

As for the whole Katrina thing.. I think I’m pretty much reaching my point of no return.. the point where I’ve pretty much heard/seen everything I can contain on one topic… the point where I just don’t really care anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I care very much for the folks affected, and I feel for each and every one of them.. but I just can’t get myself interested in talking/hearing any more about it… ~shrug~

On a totally unrelated topic… If anyone from the KHS class of 95 stops by… are you planning on attending the 10 year reunion that’s coming up? Drop me an email, or a comment, and let me know. I’m in the “Debate on if I should go” mode right now… Lets face it, being in the classes I was for four years, the folks I actually hung out with in high school are more likely to be in jail or dead rather then at the reunion.. ~shrug~… I guess I could run into some peoples from middle school that went onto KHS… Kind of like “Yearbook Signing Day” went… there’s probably less then a dozen scrawls in mine.. and I’m willing to bet not one of them was actually in any of my classes in high school.. ehehe… cause lets face it, work study students do *not* hang around school grounds for such things… when they show up in the first place. 😉

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