Oh my, has it been 10 years already?

Tomorrow night I have plans to attend my 10 year high school reunion… I’m still not entirely sure just how entertaining this is going to be, but I figure if it totally sucks, I can always grab the wife, sneak out to my car, and go find something more fun to hold us over through the evening.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definately people I wouldn’t mind bumping into tomorrow night, I just fear that none of them will be in attendance. Those people who will most likely be there will probably fall into one of three categories:

1) People I don’t know at all. Lets face it, the way I played my high school years (show up, take my classes, bail before noon, go to work) the vast majority of the class of 95 I know not at all…
2) People I vaguely know from places like Classmates, but really didnt socialize with during high school. You know, the folks who I’ve exchange emails with for one reason or another (like finding out the details for said reunion) where our fond memories of old amount to “Oh yeah, I pulled my yearbook out and looked you up.. I vaguely remember seeing you in the halls somewhere…”
3) People I knew from middle school, who I lost touch with when we all hit high school, but who could still be fun to bump into for an evening. (This is where most of my hope for tomorrow night lay)

Now, it’s not to say I didn’t have *interesting* classmates in high school, I did… I had all your stereotypical high school classmates.. the stoner friend whos slightly… burned outlook on the world makes you giggle, (ok, so maybe I had more of those then most people), the “straightlaced in school yuppie girl who everyone knows was at that party Friday night drunk off her ass offering people body shots from various orifices but nobody says anything about it because she thinks she has an image to uphold, and besides, shes a fun drunk” girl, the long time heavy rocker/partier/drinker who wakes up one morning having found Jesus in their sleep and repents all of their former wicked ways, so on and so on.

We had them all, but I’m just afraid these “fun folk” will not be the ones in attendance tomorrow night… instead I fear it will be me and mine mingling with the “2.5 kids, white pickett fence” crowd… (The wife stated we could look forward to seeing “how far behind the kid curve” we were, to which I reminded her that at my school, large percentages had atleast one kid before their sophmore homecoming dance, so lets just this once, not plan on playing “keep up with the joneses”, k?)

But really, we did have people who were… entertaining… I mean, true story here, a number of years ago, not long out of high school, I’m guessing around late 1996 or thereabouts, I’m sitting in my room on a day off, sometime in the afternoon, beating on some random peice of software or another (ok, ok, I was probably watching net p0rn or playing the latest first person shooter, shush), when the phone rings, I pick it up and it’s my girlfriend from high school, the conversation goes something like this:

“Hey, whatchu doing? You near a TV?”
“Uh, no, why?”
“Go turn one on, you gottsa see this…”
~wanders into another room, cordless in hand, grabs remote, flicks on TV~
“Uh, okay, I’ve got the TV on.”
“Tune to Jerry.”
“Springer. You know, JERRY.”
“Um, What channel?”
“What channel? You don’t know what channel jerry is on right now?!”
“Uh, NO, I dont. Now what channel, I wanna get back to my p0rn, erm, I mean, game.” (Keep in mind, I was not a TV person, let alone a daytime drama queen like said girlfriend was… I was usually working doiung the day, not lounging around watching the breakdown of civilization in realtime on Jerry…)
“Channel X, every day, 3pm…”
“Ok, thank you.”
~pushes buttons on remote, sees Jerry logo, reads title of todays show~
“Hmm, -Share my spouse with me-, interesting show topic, know, why exactly do I need to see this?”
“It just came back from commercial, keep watching.”
“Recognize anybody?”
“Ummm” ~gazes closely at the little tiny people on stage~ “Not particularly, should I?”
“The blonde, 3rd from the right… wait until they show her closer…”
~seconds tick by as I wait for.. whatever it is..~
“Uh, is that who I think…”
“YUP. And even better, the girl on the OTHER side of her man? Thats who you think it is too.”
“OK,” ~sits down in chair, turns up volume~ “You got me interested, now, you better fill me in on what I missed before you called me”

She then proceeded to fill me in on what all transpired before I tuned in… Girl A was in our class in high school, while not the wildest party girl in the bunch, she was, fairly out there. The guy she was with was the same guy she had pretty much been with as long as I knew her. (He was one of those “slightly older guy dating HS girl” types, you know, the “Camaro Driving Statutory Rape Brigade” as it were… but I digress, I’d say at the time of the show she was probably 19, he was probably 25, maybe 27)… Girl B was also someone we both knew from School a friend of Girl As, and apparently the two remained close after graduation…

Long story short, as you can guess from the topic of show, the entire thing was about how Girl A and Girl B had been friends for years, shared (almost) everything, and Girl A wanted to change that…. she wanted to share *everything*…. But had previously never discussed the prospect with either her man or Girl B… I think the exact quote was something like “Me… Him… You… Just one big bundle of love and fun.”… How’d it turn out? Who knows once the cameras stopped rolling, but on stage everyone seemed to be agreeable.

Anyway, my point is I *did* have interesting and fun classmates, people who would be fun to kick back, relax, have a couple of drinks and shoot the shit with for a few hours…. I’m just worried none of the people will be there tomorrow night… I guess we’ll have to see.

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