Oh.. my… gawd.

So I had a moment to kill, and found myself telnetting into an old system I haven’t logged into in ages, and I get greeted by something I didnt think I’d ever see again:

Joe Smith #2328 downloaded "ALTNET .ZIP" on 11/11/2005

At first I was like, WTF was ALTNET.ZIP, that I would have been *uploading* it to this system for others to look at? And then I remembered… back in the day when there was still a real local BBS scene (translation, before the Internet swooped everyone up), when 14.4K modems were still “new” there was this little network of boards that I helped create…. and we had put together a little zip file full of information on said network to spread around the word and recruit other systems into it…. so of course I had to download it, uncompress it, and check it out to see what memories it brought back… ah, theres the file I wanted…

ALT-GEN 1 R AlterNETive General Discussions
ALT-SYS 1 R AlterNETive Sysops Talk
TCM-MEN 2 R The Mens Room (MEN ONLY)
TCM-FEM 2 R The Ladies Room (WOMEN ONLY)
TCM-3 2 R Project Moondust - UFO Discussions
TCM-1 2 G "I Remember When..." [Modemer Memories]
UWA1 2 GNR UWA Results & Announcements [READ ONLY]
UWA2 2 GNR UWA (Wrestlers Quotes & Trash Talk)
PRO 2 GNR Pro Wrestling Discussions w/ The Expert
NWF001A 2 GNR NWF Match Results [RPG] (READ ONLY)
NWF002B 2 GNR NWF Updates and Wrestler's Quotes (RPG)
ALTYELL 2 NRT AlterNETive Yellow Pages [255 PSL ONLY]
TCM-4 2 NR Adult Film Reviews w/ Starslayer
TCM-5 2 R Mixed Drink Recipes
ZAV4140 4101 GR AVA: Audio Video Assembly Updates (Read Only)
ZAV4141 4101 GR AVA: Ansi Artwork
ZAV4142 4101 GR AVA: RipScript Graphics
ZAV4143 4101 GR AVA: PC Graphics Discussions
ZAV4144 4101 GR AVA: Music Composition (MOD/S3M)
ZAV4145 4101 GR AVA: Programming Discussion
ZAV4146 4101 GR AVA: UUencoded Files (410 and/or Direct Network Connect Only)
Z410PTY 4101 R Maryland (410) BBS Parties & Events
ZLSRDRG 4101 R Only User's Lose Drugs
ZSFTWRE 4101 R Detailed Software Reviews/Talk
ZPCTECH 4101 R Computer Technical Assistance
ZDEADPC 4101 R Computing Disaster Stories
ZMWIN95 4101 R Windows 95
ZMODEMG 4101 R Head 2 Head: Modem PC Games
ZVCHEAT 4101 R Video Game Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs
ZNPDTLK 4101 R Pirates of the High Speeds
ZHPVAEI 4101 R H/P/V/A: Ethics & Issues
ZTECHNO 4101 R Futurist Sonatas: Trance/Techno/House...
ZOGAMES 4101 R Online Games. Worth it?

Obviously this particular pack was either put together very late in the life of AlterNETive, or was just very sadly out of date, cause I know for a fact there were atleast a dozen other message boards involved, and the BBSLIST from this pack was missing almost *everyone* that I remember being involved… Infact aside from PE, The City Morgue, and The Flamethrower, I dont even recognize any of the other boards listed as being members at the time this pack was put together… (sad, since I was supposedly running the dang thing.. ehehe)

But still, there was atleast something to make me giggle….Adult Film Reviews w/ Starslayer.. ehehehe… Definately Chuckles…

I wonder if they ever got a release of WWIV running under linux? hmmm….

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