Curses and Thoughts…

There’s the old saying (Supposedly Chinese, although nobody seems to really know where it came from to be sure along the lines of “May you live in interesting times”… and then there’s the one I remember a while back about “May you get all that you wish for, and still desire it afterwards.” (And no, I have no idea where that last one originated, I dont even remember where I picked it up from at the time)

The last few days I’ve been pondering both of the above, most specifically the latter, and pondering exactly if “all that one would wish for” is really worthwhile? I mean, lets face it, there are lots of things one could wish for, and each and every one of them has a bad side-effect somewhere down the line:

“I wish I had ten million dollars!” Sounds great on the surface, but then there’s the taxes, the long-lost friends and relatives coming out of the woodwork wanting a piece, the decisions, the fights, etc. Maybe it’s really just not worth it? I wonder what this guy would do if offered the chance to go through it all again.

“I wish I would live to be 150!” Uh huh. Yeah. 150. Grand plan? Right? Old Age. Forgetfullness. Incontinence. Bickering children/grandchildren fighting over who gets to spend all your cash when you DO pass on.. and you ARE going to pass on, arent you granddad? -nudgenudgewinkwinkhinthint-

“I wish I had a harem of women at my disposal, say, a dozen!” A dozen? Females? OK, I’ll bite, just *how* exactly does one keep 12 women happy and content all the time? Just keeping one in a good mood is a full-time job on it’s own.. but 12? “You never take me anywhere anymore!” x12… lovely. Oh sure, the sex would be incredible I’m sure…. provided you have the stamina to keep all 12 equally satisified.. because lets face it, the moment you start to show any favortism to one girl (“Hey, you just poked Susy two nights ago, and I haven’t gotten any in almost a week!”) the shit is going to hit the fan, and then your going to have 12 pissed off angry women to deal with.. and who wants that?

Anyway. My point is… maybe getting what you wish for isn’t really the best. Lets face it, we as humans are generally greedy little fools who want it all… without thinking through the consequences if we were to actually get it. Maybe the real-solution is to just be thankful for the great things you already have, and leave well enough alone.

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