Reunion Roundup…

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with Chuckles and he mentioned that he had been waiting to read my follow-up post regarding the great high school reunion of 2005. This reminded me of two important things; one, that there are actually few people who read this little waste of space I call a website, and two, that I neglected to ever follow up with how that evening turned out. So, as not to keep anyone waiting (And since today is a slow day at the office and doing this writeup will keep my mind off other weighty matters), I present unto you my collected and abridged after-reunion thoughts:

It Sucked

That pretty much sums up the night. The per-person ticket price was ridiculous for what was included (cash bar and a buffet of… mediocre appetizers does not equal a $40/person ticket price), the DJ had his gear cranked up about 4 notches too loud for the size of the room, and insisted on playing 95% country (and by country, I mean -obscure- country, not even the tolerable stuff) with the occasional 50 Cent track mixed in for ‘diversity’ undoubtedly.

Pretty much as I feared, nobody from my particular subgroup of misfits from the class of 95 was there aside from myself, nodoubt due to them being either:

a) Six feet under by now.
b) Currently housed in a six-by-six with bars courtesy of the department of corrections.
c) Stuck at home with either the annoying ankle-bracelet or a gang of ankle-biting children to keep them at home.

Spotted a few faces I remembered, but didn’t even know well enough in school to be able to put faces to the names, or knew them well enough in school to know I didn’t like them then (and really, if I didn’t like them then, why would I want to strike up a conversation now?) I did however run into two people I went to middle school with and who were good peoples from back when, both of them seemed happy and doing okay with life and all that stuff, and we talked briefly between the blaring DJ tracks. (Hint: Dwight Yoakam at 110 decibles does *not* make a conducive enviroment for catching up with people you haven’t seen in ten years, no matter how hard you try!)

So, after about 2 and a half hours of (ha) fun (mixed with about 7 over-priced Jack and Cokes, since I was trying really hard to make this event fun, I really was), she looked at me, I looked at her, and we decided we really should be getting home to check on our new puppy about that time, and we got the hell out of there and went home.

Upside? I got to say “I told you so” regarding how it was going to turn out. Overall, I think there was more fun to be had at *her* reunion then there was at my own.

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