Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

There’s a new version of WordPress out there, and I’m debating biting the bullet and making the upgrade. You know what this means, I will undoubtedly end up with a completely unworking website in the next couple hours. 😉 Bare with me.

Update 1:59pm — That was easy. Almost too easy. Nothing -appears- to be broken that I can find. But if anyone notices anything out of sorts, let me know. One thing I’m not too sure about yet, this new version of WP appears to not work with SpamKarma2, but has it’s own WP comment-spam protection thingie built in. SpamKarma2 caught just about everything the spammers threw at it, whereas this one is, to me, untested so far. I guess I’ll give it a few days and see how it pans out.

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