She high like the sun, thick like cornbread, and I’m ready to party.

Argh, I really need to get around to updating this here place… much going on the last few weeks, I’ve just been too neglectful in my responsibilities.. nothing new there.

In other news, I can’t get that damn “Hay” song out of my head (hence the title of this post) these last few days.. I dont know what it is about that damn song, it just gets stuck in my head and I’m screwed. I *think* the problem goes back to Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the Xbox… somewhere along the line I think said song ended up in the “Hardcore Tony” music soundtrack we (oh, OK, the wife) took the time to load into the xbox… so when I would get that occasional need and sit down for a 2 or 3 hour Mad Tony Hawk session, I would hear that song atleast once.. I actually had no idea who it was that really did the song, the name, or anything.. I just new the chorus really well (“Smoking On.. Haaaay… in the middle of the barn…” etc…) and liked the beat… it was just an infectious…

Then a week or so ago I was loading some new tracks onto my iPod from the massive in-house mp3 (all legally encoded from our massive stash of legally purchased CDs, of course.. ~cough~) collection, and I stumbled across said track there.. I was like “ah, theres that funky track I like!”, which means I now actually now the name of the group, and the song title.. and of course the track now has a home on my iPod…. and the rest is history… it’s infected my brain, my myspace page, my work days, nothing is safe from the Haaaaaaay song.

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