Four days until Halloween, Halloween…

Halloween Silver ShamrockSo, here we are once again, just mere days from the fun that is Halloween. Things around the house are in full gear, as this year we are throwing a bestest damn Halloween party in town… (atleast, I’m hoping it turns out as such). Preparations are in full swing:

  • Ghoulish skeletons lurking in strange places? Check.
  • Incredibly in depth music mix ready for bumping and thumping? Check.
  • More booze then you can shake a pitchfork at? Oh yeah, Check.
  • 90% of lightbulbs in the house replaced with the never out of style Blacklight? Check. (And a petition to be filled with the lady of the house to leave these bad boys in year round, wooowho!)

Oh yeah. It’s a party. Get your freak on.

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