*sigh* Stupid Honkeys…

Well if that title didn’t grab you, I don’t know what will…

Let me preface this by saying that I personally don’t care if you call me a racial slur. To me, Honkey is a HILARIOUS word…I laugh every time I hear it.

However, I feel slightly different when my son is the one being called this name.

This past Sunday, we were walking through the grocery store, and my boy, my pride and joy, was throwing a temper tantrum over fruit snacks or some such thing that is extremely important to 4 year olds.

We passed by a black family that had a child who was maybe 3 years old in their cart…and the kid looked at my kid and said “Stupid Honkey”.

Now I know it’s a child, and truthfully, my boy was so worked up over his tantrum that I don’t think he learned a new bad word, but I’ve been wrong about what he does and doesn’t hear in the past, so now I’m worried he’s going to go to school and use this new word and we’ll get a letter in his backpack.

The parents of this eloquent child? They did indeed jump on the kid as soon as he said it – however, I’m not sure they get the point of it….they told their kid “That’s not his name.”

If my son had used the N-word (which he wouldn’t because neither I or my ex talk like that) I would have told him “That’s not nice” and “Don’t talk like that” and maybe, depending on the situation “You need to apologize right now”.

Instead, they (and I firmly believe that these people refer to white people as Honkey, maybe even White Devil or Whitey or something else) didn’t communicate to their kid that it wasn’t appropriate…at least in my eyes.

I’m by no means a perfect parent, but I am very firm with my son when it comes to doing right and wrong. I only wish other parents would instill these kinds of values in their children.

Ok, jumping off the soapbox. Thanks for listening.

-Honkey out.

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