Dammit, stop being so vague

Dear Me,

In the future, when something is weighing heavily on your mind, such as it does from time to time, don’t be so fucking vague. There may come a time when you need to remember exactly what it was that was bothering you at that time, and such vagueness does not lend itself well to the remembering of specifics of an event over two years later, even funny vagueness. Seriously, it’s f-ing useless to me now; dammit man, I get it, you’re vague because others can see, and thus you need to be vague, but now, you’d probably feel quite a bit better if you could remember exactly what the fuck the situation was now, and what sparked it, wouldn’t you? And you sure as shit can’t ask anyone else, can you? No. So in the future, don’t be so fucking vague with your thoughts.

Or atleast, even if you have to be vague publicly, find a way to leave details for yourself, so you can remember what the hell it was about later, if the need arises. Christ, last time I checked, you were the damn tech genius here, you mean to tell me you couldn’t have found an easy way to hide a real entry up in this bitch of a website with some details, facts, or just the real conspiracy theories, and not a fucking alien cover story? What the hell good does *that* do two years later. If you had, maybe we’d be getting some damn sleep tonight, but no, look at us, sitting here trying to remember just what the hell the deal was….. arrrgggh.


Your Normally Ignored Left Brain

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