An example of the problem with the mindset in detroit.

BLITZER: All right. So what do you say about the argument that the Japanese, the Germans, Koreans make better cars than the Americans?

NARDELLI: Wolf, here’s what we’ve done. You know, since august when we became independent. We spent about half a billion dollars in the first several months. Our warranty costs are down 29 percent. It’s an interesting comparison because in the hearing today, going around the panel, the majority of the Senators said that citing specific vehicles that they own that they’ve got 60, 70, 80,000 miles. The comment was you guys are making them too good and therefore, we’re not buying vehicles and we’re contributing to your problem. That was from the Senators on the committee today. On the panel today, Wolf.

News flash for the folks in Detroit, and (apparently) also our Senators…. Getting 60K miles on a car without a major issue is *not* the pinnacle of great engineering and production quality… I know that the car makers would *love* us if we replaced our rides every 3-4 years, but seriously, who can afford that these days?

My almost nine-year old honda currently has right around 120K on the odometer…. and do you know how many actual mechanical issues I’ve had that weren’t the result of an accident or outside influence? Maybe 3 that I can think of. Bad power window motor (I smoke, so the driver window is up down, up down, alot while I drive, so surprise thats the one that broke), broken seat rail (my fat ass broke it, Japanese great on workmanship, not so hot on design for fatasses)… and something else that I can’t think of… but not a single ignition coil, not a single case of “Oh look, the transmission wont go past 2nd gear”… both of which I had the joy of experiencing (and neither was cheap to fix) with my proudly made in america Dodge product… (which technically burned through *three* coils while I had it… it ate them like they were candy) which I owned and drove for… half the amount of time that I’ve had the Honda?

Seriously? Detroit thinks the problem is that their cars are *TOO WELL MADE*…. your kidding me, right?

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