Lyrics Datbase, whats this?

A little something new here at LtB starting today. I give you the Lyrics Database. I know, I know, there’s a thousand lyrics sites on the interwebs these days, why one more? Well, there is some logic behind this (maybe faulty logic, but logic none-the-less)… read on for a peak behind the madness.

Once apon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, before the pipes of the inter-tubes were graced with the goodness that is LickTheBalls, there was another site, a creation of joy, love, and harmony. And that site was good. (Okay, so really it wasn’t, but let me live in my dream world). Anyway, one feature that site had, which once was a labor of love, was a little lyrics database. Even in those pre-intertubes-clogged days, it wasn’t that rare of a creature, but it was loved, and nurtured with kindness (The database, not the site, the site was rampant with hate and icky-poo-things), and over time it became something I liked having.

Sadly, one day that site died, and with it disappeared the lyrics database. Never to be seen from again… until one day I awoke with a start and proclaimed “Yes, I can!”… No, I wasn’t running for president, I realized that the switch to Drupal was the perfect excuse to re-invent my long lost love the lyrics database. A couple custom content fields (Thank you CCK module!) and I’d have what I wanted. Throw in a rating system and it would be even better and cooler then the old one… yes…. yes…

Anyway. It’s here now. It’s no where near complete, and one day (soon, I hope) I want to see if I can scrounge up a copy of the old lyrics database from that long defunct site and import the data into the new one… in the meantime, I’ll work on it some more, and it’s already growing, living, evolving..

[Cue the mad scientist laugh]

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