Name your child Adolf Hitler, there’s going to be issues.

Now, lets be honest here, when you give your kids names like “JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell”, and “Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell”, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that kid is going to either grow up and hate you forever, or be a social outcast. At the very least, they’re going to get some strange glances over the years when people make the connection. But naming your first borne son “Adolf Hitler Campbell”, that’s just asking for drama, and you know it…. 20 years from now, your an executive pooring through resumes, there’s two candidates, both equally qualified… but one resume has “Adolf Hitler Campbell” scrawed across it… who do you think is getting the job?

Look, I’m not looking to get into the whole “Nazism is wrong” debate, I think we all know how that one goes, I’m just saying, regardless of your beliefs, even if you think Hitler had the right idea, and do a little Sig Heil dance before dinner each night, you can not honestly tell me you think naming the child “Adolf Hitler” is a good idea for the kid, from *any* way you look at it.

Lets assume for a moment that these wee tykes somehow manage to make it through the next 18 years without turning into sociopaths and want to distance themselves from Mommie and Daddy Dearest’s delusions of supremacy…. (not likely, I know, but it could happen) the sisters could always decide to go by “JoyceLynn” and “Jeannie” and just, you know, hide the rest of their names, but lil Adolf? He’s screwed. Having a store refuse to adorn a birthday cake with his name is going to be the LEAST of this kids worries as he progresses through life.

Can you just imagine the *fun* he’s going to have on the playground?

They sure do grown them… unique in PA… 🙂

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