Rihanna turns up dead, world goes “Oh Well”.

Alright, so maybe Carnac I’m not, but it doesn’t take mad psychic skills to see where this is going. Guy hits girl, girl takes guy back again, guy… never touches girl again and they live happily ever after? Um, yeah, that’s how the story goes.

Look, I’m not saying she deserved it or anything of the sort, I’ve seen the leaked photo, and nobody deserves that (unless they spill my drink or commit a similarly heinous crime against humanity, in which case an ass whuppin ensures). As a rule I think any guy who smacks around a female is a douchebag of the highest order by default.

I’m saying that since she has apparently seen fit to get back together with him, then that’s it, the sympathy train has left the station in my case. He smacks her around again, my response is not “Fuck him, let me at ’em!”, it’s going to be more “Oh well, her own fault.”.

Lets say I go to the Zoo, climb into the lion cage, and get my leg chomped off, is it the lions fault for doing it, or mine for being an idiot and climbing in his cage? Mine, entirely. The lion is just being a lion, it’s a fierce predator, it’s role in life is to lay around and chase/eat living animals when the mood strikes. I on the other hand should have known better. And so should she.

Guy turns out to be a douchebag who hits women, great, as Rihanna is the victim, we all feel bad for her, he goes to jail, life goes on. But now that he’s proven himself to be a woman-hitting-douche, if she continues to associate with him in any means, she’s placing herself in the lion cage all of her own free will.

Now, right about now I expect the hate mail will start “But women who are domestically abused frequently return to the relationship, or simply never leave in the first place, blah blah blah.”

And your right, many battered victims of domestic abuse *do* return to the relationship, or never leave in the first place. Many times it’s out a sense of simply “I can’t…” Either there are children involved, the abuser supports the abusee, or some other mental hangup that makes the person stick around (“I’m worthless, and am lucky to have him/her”, “They really love me, and no one else will”, blah blah blah)

But in this case, they don’t have kids, she’s a world renowned musician who’s got to have a little stashed in the bank, and guys everywhere would give their right (and possibly left) nut to snuggle up next to her in bed. (Once all the bruising is faded anyway).

My point is, she doesn’t *need* him, not on any level whatsoever, nor is there anything “forcing” her to stick around with him aside from some seriously delusional concept of “love” or something.

So from this point on: he hits her… “Oh well” she winds up dead… “So sad”.

But no more sympathy, not for her anyway. (Now, for her family who have to sit back and watch this madness while going “Why the fu$k doesn’t she just walk away?!”… them I feel for…)

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