Timing is everything

Many moons ago, I had a drunken crazy inspired idea… “You know, I need a website… it needs a name… LickTheBalls… it’s perfect”… problem? That idea occured to me during a particularly drunken New Years Eve event. When I finally became conscious enough to actually register the domain, I did.. (January 2nd, yes, I partied the new year in *hard* that year it seems)…

You see the problem right? The domain expires on the 2nd now.. and I always forget until after it expires out.. the problem is my registrar starts sending me the “don’t forget, your domain is expiring soon, blah blah blah” emails in like September, and I promptly go “Bah, that’s like, next year man!” and just delete them. And then they keep sending them, every 2 or 3 days, so I just start deleting them as soon as I see them in my inbox.

And then the holidays come, and with them the madness that holidays bring… so I *really* forget.

Then sometime shortly after the first of the year, I find myself itching to post something, or just check on the site, and *whammo*, I realize the domain has expired… so I rush and renew it, and life is once again balanced and peaceful.

My bad.

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