13 Cents?!

Someone please, explain this to me. I just wrote out a check for thirteen damn cents to AT&T. Why? Because they sent a bill, for thirteen damn cents. They expelled the energy and costs to print a bill, stuff it in an envelope, and pay the postage, to deliver a bill for thirteen cents?!

Which of course, I have now wasted the paper to cut a check, for thirteen cents, and my better half (as part of the deal we struck when I looked at her like she had grown a 2nd head when she said “I need a check from you for thirteen cents..” like it was an everyday occurance) will front the 37 cents to mail it back to AT&T, who will then expend more time/energy/money to process a check for 13 cents. Keep in mind, banks like to charge businesses a ‘per item’ deposit fee.. (usually around 20 cents on each item)… So I figure this 13 cent bill has cost them ATLEAST a buck fifty to process/send.. (postage to us, check deposit fee, paper, envelope, time, manpower,etc).

Ten times what they ‘gain’ from my payment. And I’m sure somewhere inside the dark cooridors of the AT&T Death Star, some upper management guru is trying to figure out why their stock is trading at a third of what it was a year ago. Here’s a clue my friend, it’s because you spend $1.50 collecting a 13 cent check, when you could have just rolled it forward to next months bill. :sigh:

Next time, I call and make them charge it. muahahaa.

Napster Bad! Fire Bad!

Sue All The World

That is all.

(It *does* make a point. Sorry Mr and Mrs RIAA, but the reason I do not buy more albums has *nothing* to do with my ‘evil’ file sharing and *everything* to do with the fact that every new album you put out sounds like complete and udder shit. Produce an album worth that is worth purchasing, and I will.)

Excuse me, while I weep in my Corona

Well, I think it’s pretty much a safe bet, 723 is gone, never to reappear in any shape or form…

It was about a year ago now that I happened to stumble down that way one night looking for a place to hang out, and well, the other options were severly lacking in fun, so a trip to 723 was in order… only the place appeared closed and dead… uh oh, not a good sign.. but there was hope of course, that maybe the place was just closed for renovations, or maybe the place had been sold and would reopen under new care. However it appears the property goes up for Auction on the 21st, along with most of the rest of the block… no doubt destined, like much of the surrounding areas, to be overdeveloped into some hangout for yuppie scum… just what the world needs, a couple more Starbucks…

I know some people loved it, others were less endeared with the place…. myself? I’ll miss it. Dearly. Many a good night were spent there in the company of friends and strangers alike. Many interesting folks were met, many cold beverages were drank, and many a fine booty was sighted… :sigh:

And the bloggers said “Thank You!”

Last week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made a ruling that I’m sure will make many bloggers happy campers. You can read all about it here.

Just when I’ve begun to lose all faith in the US Judicial system, they go and do something right.

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

I know, I know, I’ve slipped endlessly behind once more.

Since I had to take the laptop with me to California, I had planned on using it to update the site.. either in realtime each night, or just composing my little words of wisdom in notepad and pasting them in when I got back.

Well, you know, it was vacation, so that idea didn’t hold up for long.

So sue me.

Going back to Cali

I’m going back to Cali, rising, surprising. advising, realizing, she’s sizing me up
Her bikini – small; heels – tall, She said, she liked, the ocean
She showed me a beach, gave me a peach, and pulled out the suntan lotion
Now I thought that was fast, but this girl was faster, She’s lookin for a real good time
I said, “Close your eyes, I got a surprise,” and I ran away with the bottle of wine

In less then 30 hours yours truly will be heading off to collect my share of some California Love… Maybe… Or maybe it’ll turn out like all the times I go to NY, and I’ll get sick of all the ignorant snobby people, and want to disappear into the quiet woods for a few days to recouperate and regain my sanity. Who knows.

The point is… I’m goin… and yeah, I’m excited.. there’s good sides and bad sides to this trip I suppose:

– No Work for a Week.. Booyah!
– Spending a nice quiet week with my own personal goddess. (Wasn’t that a Depeche Mode Song? Hmm)
– Somebody told me there’s a beach over there someplace.. and you know, where there’s beach… there’s bikinis!
– It’s done nothing but rain here for the last… six months I think? God knows it’s gotta be doing something other then rain out there.
– She handled all the planning stuff, so god knows we’ll be in some swanky ritzy-ditzy hotel establishments… usually with good food to be found nearby. 😉

Possibly Bad:
– Six hours doing the “fetal position airline seat shuffle”…. each way.
– I’m nominated driving individual while we’re in the field (I’ll just start calling her Miss Daisy I guess)… and wouldn’t you know it, I can’t exactly smuggle my Tek-9 in the overhead bin these days, now can I? How will I possibly cope on the Cali Highways without a gun of my own?
– She handled all the planning stuff, so god knows we’ll be in some swanky ritzy-ditzy hotel establishments… usually crowded with the type of people I just can’t stand.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, eh? And yes, eventually there will be photos… and I might even be able to check in a time or two and post a little something something here…

Traffic is up around here!

Just looked at the stats, and so far, this month traffic has picked up a HUGE amount over the previous months…. looking at the logs, I do see some trends, so allow me to get a few things out of the way real quick:

To The Folks who’ve found me via the FuckedCompany Forums:

“Ra!… Now excuse me while I go whip Chef’s ass at some hoops…. CIGAW?”

To the Folks who’ve come here via FARK:

Life Size Domo says Hi! (BTW: You who has the rest of the Otakon photos from this last year, I need them! I don’t have the photos from last year’s Domo fest anywhere! Email them to me! Especially the one with Domo and the cute little kitty girl… :rowr:…. You took your site down, remember?! I had to find this one via google.. feel my pain.)

To the Folks who’ve come here via some guy’s homepage link on those high school reunion type sites:

“This is not the webpage you are looking for…” No.. really.. it’s not.. I swear… well.. maybe it is.. but only if you’re one of those ladies from High School that I remember so fondly… or is that fondlingly… whichever, in either case, if you are, and you know, there’s some unresolved chemistry between us that needs to be resolved, then yeah, this is the site you’re looking for, shoot me an email or something… On the other hand, if you’re some jerkoff who still owes me some cash or a dime bag, go the hell away… unless you got my shit, understand?

To the folks who found us by searching google for “why do i lick balls”:

Beats the hell out of me.. why do you lick balls? and why do you feel the need to search the web for this term? and why the hell are there so many of you freaks!

ANYWAY… the point I guess is.. regardless of how you got here, welcome.

Holy hell, I’ve almost managed to fill this frontpage up with entries! wooowho! now if only I can keep updating on a regular basis in some form, and somehow at the same time also remember how to be entertaining.. hmmm. I’ll have to work on that part I guess. Next update… really.

Coming Up Next On JimbobTV

You know, the whole “you can’t tell everyone what a drunken ho I was” court case involving Tucker was funny in and of itself.. (really, I will get a full update on here about it one day)… but now there’s one even more… crazy.

The folks over at Viacom have decided to turn TNN into “Television for Men” (Hell yes! Take this you Lifetime watching women!)… and so they wanted a new name… so they came up with SpikeTV… yeah yeah, it sounds like exactly what a bunch of guys from “The Nashville Network” would name their station.. Well… Apparently Spike Lee Isn’t Amused.

WTF? No “SpikeTV” just because there happens to be some (relatively) famous dude named Spike? Just how ridiculous is this? Does this mean I can’t name my firstborn child NBC like I had planned? Does this mean all those guys named Fox are going to start climbing out of the woodwork.

I have now lost all faith in mankind, excuse me while I go hang my head in shame.

The Back Button is Evil!

Completely fucking evil.

So here I was, with this massive 5000 word essay all about the Tucker Max fiasco.. and instead, while double checking my spelling and such, I accidently hit the back button on my nifty mouse, sending me hurling back a page, and ruining my entire diatribe.

Grrr. Maybe later I’ll get bored and redo it… in notepad this time.