Poppa’s got a brand new rig.

Old & Busted:

  • AMD Athlon64 3400+ (Single Core, 2.2Ghz I think it was?)
  • 1.5 gigs of RAM
  • Nvidia 6800 series (Ultra I think?) 256M Video Card
  • Three seperate drives… 2 120gigs and a 100gig I think.
  • XP Pro / Gentoo dual boot goodness

New Hotness:

  • MSI GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB PCI-e Video Card
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processer (4 2.4Ghz cores, and we goin higher eventually)
  • Tuniq Tower 120 Cooler
  • 4Gb of PC2 8500 RAM
  • 500Gb Drive, 80Gb Drive (For Swap and Linux Dual Boot-ease)
  • Vista 32-bit Ultimate, and Gentoo dual boot goodness.
  • Assorted required goodies (Power Supply, beastly black Lian Li case, replacement fans, 4gig flash drive, etc)

My old rig is nice, but it’s starting to show it’s age in alot of ways. (The machine was built in 2004, so I got to cut it a little slack)… Don’t get me wrong, it plays WoW just fine, but the current generation of games were really putting a hurting on it in some cases. (Crysis? Don’t even think about it…)

I’d been pondering a new rig for the last couple of months, and last week I took the plunge and ordered everything I need to get the new machine off the ground. (Sadly, my old machine, being AMD/AGP based, is pretty much a write off. I could have used the case (Shiny Lian Li goodness), power supply, and hard drives.. but 120gig drives are so small by todays standards (500gig drives for $90, you cant go wrong), and if I kept my old case/power supply, I’d have to:

a) Tear apart old system entirely.
b) Rebuild new system in old case.
c) Suffer without a system at all during the period between a and b

And since the new machine is going to be my first venture into the murky lands of Vista.. I figure better safe then sorry. (Translation: This way I get to keep my old machine up and running while I figure out the hells of Vista)…

The bulk of the goods arrived Friday and Monday, and have already been mostly assembled. (Drives are in the case bay, motherboard mounted, processor socketed, cooling tower of power pasted/mounted up, etc).. Just have to wait until tonight (according to UPS the power supply is waiting for me at home) to actually put all the pieces together.

The plan now is simple:

  1. Get home. (Always a chore, depending on traffic)
  2. Install Power Supply into case.
  3. Attempt to slide motherboard tray back into case. (Could be tricky.. the Tuniq Tower is THAT big, it may not fit.)
  4. Plug in 40 thousand various connectors to motherboard.
  5. Place drive carrier back into case.
  6. Plug in another 20 thousand various connectors.
  7. Double check to make sure the case and cpu fans are truly plugged in, and not forgotten.
  8. Remove Mac Mini from work table.
  9. Plug in new beast (as of yet un-named) where the mini was.
  10. Power Up new beast, see what happens.

Hopefully, nothing is DOA, hopefully everything will power up okay. If it does, I’m going to load vista on with everything stock, do some burn-in testing, make some notes (processor core temps, etc) and see how it goes for a bit. If everything works out, I’ll be disassembling the machine enough to yank the processor and tuniq tower, lap the hell out of everything, re-paste and mount, then start the overclocking fun to see just how far I feel comfortable pushing an air-cooled Q6600.

(Yes, I’ve seen the tales of people getting to 3.4Ghz (and even 3.6) on air cooling with a Q6600, no, I will not be getting that crazy; I don’t want a chip burn out in 9 months. If I can get it to 3ghz, I’ll consider myself very happy and content..)

Sometimes you just can’t win.. sometimes you can.

So for almost the better part of a year, I’ve been working on a web-project. It’s nothing earth shattering or revolutionary, it’s just an entire accounting/billing/management/provisioning/support/sales/everything system for a business. I started looking at it over a year ago, around December 2006 I said to myself “Alright, I can do this with Drupal, some of the functionality it needs is already there, and the rest I can code up as modules… perfect.”

So I started playing with Drupal 4.7, learning how the various APIs worked, etc. I loved it, something new to sink my teeth into full tilt. Then in the middle of January 2007, Drupal v5 was released. New APIs, existing contributed modules borked (for a while), much new stuff to learn. Thankfully I had barely done any real *coding* in v4.7… I had spent most of the time up to that point planning, sketching, etc. I spent a couple months learning what all changed, retooling if you will, and decided to run with Drupal v5 as the platform to use for the project…. I hadn’t written much actual code for 4.7 yet, so why tie myself down to the old platform when I can just relearn a little and roll out of the gate on v5…. I started coding in earnest around July, and have been ever since, whenever I get some free time to work on said project. Right now the project is about 95% of where I feel it needs to be in order to launch.. not to be complete, just complete enough that I can use it. The project uses about 15 drupal modules that other people have written for Drupal5 and a set of my own home-rolled modules (currently 8 modules for various functions, totaling around 8500 lines of code so far…)

So of course, Drupal v6 was released just in time for Valentines day. With an entirely new set of enhancements and changes.

So now I’m back to “Do I roll forward with what I have, upgrade the base drupal later”, or “stop everything, get upgraded to v6, THEN continue on”. Sadly the project in question isn’t just a blog or something where I can take the data, move it over, and BOOM, it works.. there’s essentially an entire business operating from beginning to end inside the drupal framework here (APIs to third party services, billing providers, etc)… and it’s all coded to v5..

The problem is, v6 has some things I’d like to use, and some things that I think would lend themselves to helping with the project overall. But jumping to v6 bring a whole set of problems… modules will need to be re-written/upgraded (those 15 modules other people wrote? probably not updated yet for v6… some may never be officially, so I may need to dig into each one and make changes to get them to work)… Plus all the modules I from scratch, will need to be changed in major ways….

But if I put the upgrade off, then I’m stuck with basically writing the remaining sections of code *twice*, once for 5, and again for 6 when I make the upgrade down the road…


I think right now I need to sit down and look more closely at how much has changed in the move to v6, or at least download a copy, play with it, and see how borked my code is when run under it. 🙂 Then maybe I’ll have enough information on hand to make a real decision here.

Alright, so thats the “just cant win” part of this post.. whats the “sometimes you can” part you ask?

My lil Warlock finally made it to 60 in WoW… yeah yeah, I know, the level cap is 70 currently (and 80 soon, with lich king expansion).. but I *finally* got *someone* to 60.. I’m happy… 🙂 (I’ve not exactly been slacking mind you, in addition to the 60 lock, there’s a 48 hunter and a bunch of other lowbies I’m constantly rerolling and experimenting with…), but real life issues (work, the aforementioned project, etc) crimp my WoW time sometimes I fear. 🙁 The point is, I made it to 60.. time to see what all this hype about the outlands is about. 🙂

A new year, a new you!

Well it’s a thought, at least.

Recently, I’ve been advised by several co-workers, a few of the ‘good-looking’ people, and one stripper(who is dead to me) that I am losing weight.

This is totally true. It’s called influenza.

You should try it. I heartily recommend it.

Except for the diarrhea.

In lighter news, I met a great stripper the other night (are you noticing a theme here?) who I was totally into. And I was about this close –> <– to spending some money on her when I made the mistake of asking her for her name.

Vivian. My Grandma who just passed away not even 6 days before was named Vivian.

*sigh*, if only she would’ve said Esther.

Oh, and I can’t forget the little redheaded stripper who reminded me of a certain Worthless Bastards ex-girlfriend from about 10 years ago….hmmm….We had a conversation about occupational choices, and she explained that she has an ‘outside job’ and that stripping is just a means to an end. I explained that no one really cares what kind of job she does unless it involves being on her knees. That set the tone for the rest of the night.

Remind me to tell you sometime about internet dating and drunk women at bars telling me about their masturbation practices (how, when, where and what kind of implements they use)

Ok enough rambling, Happy New Year!

*sigh* Stupid Honkeys…

Well if that title didn’t grab you, I don’t know what will…

Let me preface this by saying that I personally don’t care if you call me a racial slur. To me, Honkey is a HILARIOUS word…I laugh every time I hear it.

However, I feel slightly different when my son is the one being called this name.

This past Sunday, we were walking through the grocery store, and my boy, my pride and joy, was throwing a temper tantrum over fruit snacks or some such thing that is extremely important to 4 year olds.

We passed by a black family that had a child who was maybe 3 years old in their cart…and the kid looked at my kid and said “Stupid Honkey”.

Now I know it’s a child, and truthfully, my boy was so worked up over his tantrum that I don’t think he learned a new bad word, but I’ve been wrong about what he does and doesn’t hear in the past, so now I’m worried he’s going to go to school and use this new word and we’ll get a letter in his backpack.

The parents of this eloquent child? They did indeed jump on the kid as soon as he said it – however, I’m not sure they get the point of it….they told their kid “That’s not his name.”

If my son had used the N-word (which he wouldn’t because neither I or my ex talk like that) I would have told him “That’s not nice” and “Don’t talk like that” and maybe, depending on the situation “You need to apologize right now”.

Instead, they (and I firmly believe that these people refer to white people as Honkey, maybe even White Devil or Whitey or something else) didn’t communicate to their kid that it wasn’t appropriate…at least in my eyes.

I’m by no means a perfect parent, but I am very firm with my son when it comes to doing right and wrong. I only wish other parents would instill these kinds of values in their children.

Ok, jumping off the soapbox. Thanks for listening.

-Honkey out.

Upgrade in progress

Attempting to upgrade WordPress. If I somehow screw everything up.. well.. I tried. 🙂

Update : That went well.. 10 minutes and *done*. Going to spend a little time playing with the look around here.. thinking this place needs a slight makeover.

A realization.

Today I came home from work. I was a little tired, a little hung over (thanks to the owner of this site) and a little bit burnt out….and I realized something…

My dog has love handles.

Marketing 101

Grrrr.. We're Bears!

Grrrr.. We're Bears!One of the (ever shrinking) good things about where I work is the fact that we’re in an interesting location. By interesting I mean, it’s never the same old same old. We’ve had it all… homeless bums fucking in the parking lot, homeless bums having heart attacks on our bus stop, guys rolling by the office trying to pick up the ladies out on their smoke break (“Hey baby, you workin?”), fist fights (Again, the homeless, usually), middle-aged white guys who dress like pimps, everything.

But usually I’m a, shall we say, passive bystander to all the fun. Today that changed, as I found myself sucked in, head first, into the madness that circles this place. I’m outside after lunch, minding my own business, when this guy (Latino, maybe late 30s, dressed business casual) walks up to me and asks for directions to another part of town. Okay, not that unusual, I give directions while outside smoking at least once a week. Usually they’re looking for the place that’s just around the corner, or maybe looking for the fastest way to get to I95. So I rattle off directions real quick, he says “OK, thanks!”, and adds “Here, let me give you my card.”.. and hands me a little business card sized manila envelope, then he walks off in the direction I pointed him. I shove the “card” in my pocket and go about my smoke break.

After I come inside, my curiosity starts to get the best of me. Why a business card in exchange for simple directions? He was dressed up, maybe some local politician type and he’s trolling for support at the same time as getting his directions? But if that was the case, wouldn’t he already know the area? Maybe a lawyer or something, just handing out cards trying to drum up business…. But why is the card in a sealed envelope? Who knows, but I’m gonna find out I figure.

So I take the envelope out of my pocket and look at it. It’s sealed… funky. It’s got “My Personal Card For You!” stamped on it. Stranger and stranger. Now I’m pondering foul play, but figure what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained. I cautiously inspect the envelope. No strange white power falling out of it, no lumps or anything to indicate it’s anything other then a business card in there.. I slowly open the envelope, see that it doesn’t explode, and pull out what is, after all, a card:

Lets do it big guy!
You + Me = Good Times


What. The. Fuck. OK, so while I’m not exactly basking in the glow of excitement over this guys offer (after all, I am, straight, and married to a hot little piece of ass, erm, I mean, married to a sweet, loving wife..)… I am piqued by his method of operation. Small card, hand it out to objects of desire, see who bites. Does this work for him? Whats the follow-thru ratio on a project like this, what kind of “Cost per fuck” ratio are we looking at?

And more importantly, why couldn’t this entire idea be migrated out of the “Bear Chasing Gay Latino” Community and into the world at large? No more mindless bullshit, no idle conversation or small talk, see a girl you like, hand her a card and move on, she likes you, you fuck. She doesn’t, she throws the card out. Or even better, ladies get the cards. Lady sees a guy she’s interested in, tosses him card, he, being a guy, is always down for whatever, they go off and hook up.

We’re going to revolutionize the club singles scene here!

We just need a catchy name and a marketing plan.. someone get working on that.