All around the world, girls will be girls…

Motley Crue It’s the same ol’, same ol’ situation
It’s the same ol’, same ol’ ball and chain”

Wednesday night First Mariner Arena was the scene for what had to be the single most… interesting assortment of :cough: interesting people that I have had the pleasure of witnessing in quite some time. See, that was the night that the guys from Mtley Cre stopped by here in Baltimore to as part of their Red, White and Cre tour. Slightly aged but not yet grown up rocker fans from all across the east coast converged on our own twisted little town to enjoy the show.

Now, first off, let me get it out of way.. I’m not the worlds biggest Cre fan. I admit it… back in the day I liked some of their stuff (pretty much anything off the Wild Side or Feelgood albums), but after that, well, in my mind, Cre was pretty much filed away in my brain along side groups such as Poison, Cinderella, GnR, and Warrant… that file being labeled “Groups that had a couple of songs I liked, but I would *never* go so far as to admit to liking in public, because, you know, 80s hair bands are sooo…. 80s.”

So anyway, the wife however, was a huge Cre fan, and still is, so couple of weeks ago when someone asked me “Hey, you know anybody who’d be interested in some tickets to see the Cre?” and I was like “huh? what? when?” and when I found out the show was here in Baltimore, and the date was Feb 15th… I was so like “Hmm, lemme get back to you on that…”

So long story short, some ladies got roses for Valentine’s Day… my wife however got tickets to the Cre show. And I think she was okay with that ultimatley (yeah yeah, I will still have to get her roses some other time.. but come on, she got to go to a Cre show for crying out loud… something she always wanted to do)..

So how was the show you ask? It was actually pretty good all things considered. First Mariner has a seating capacity of about 13,500 when setup for a stage-end event with floor seating.. I’d estimate there where about 8000 fans there total. (The 3rd floor was completely empty, and the 2nd floor was about 85% full at most). But those 8000 fans seemed to all have a good time, and hey.. it sure beats the turnout that Bret Michael’s is getting at shows these days (For comparison, a few months ago he did a show at a little club here in town that probably seats 400 max)… A few observations on the show as a whole if I may:

  • Vince had a little trouble with Kickstart my Heart and Dr. Feelgood. However, given that both these songs were placed way at the end of the setlist, and both are fast bitches to do, it’s kind of to be expected. However, he’s still in much better shape (physically and vocally) then he appeared to be a few years ago. (When we ran into him and his girl in Jamaica, I doubt he could have gotten through either song once… by itself… let alone the show we saw Wednesday night).
  • Never ever *EVER* ask the just home from Iraq soldier sitting infront of you his feelings on the war while waiting for the show to start. He will start yap-yap-yapping nonestop right up until the show starts, making the big mean looking guy who has to sit next to him want to bitchslap you for even bringing it up in the firstplace.
  • Being an 80s hair band in 2006 is has one major pitfall. All of those hot young groupies from back in the day? They’re all like 35-40 and well… not as hot anymore. There are still some gems in the crowd, but me thinks they’re alot harder to spot then they once were.
  • Underage girls pestering guys in beer line to buy them booze = Funny. Said underage girls getting sick, and puking all over themselves 40 minutes before the show starts and having to have an EMT and Baltimore City police escort them out of the arena = Hilarious.
  • Black leather jeans and spandex clothing for ladies should come complete with “Maximum Capactity” warning tags.