Thursday Morning Roundup

Sorry that I’ve been slacking on the update front. Been a lot going on the last since the holidays ended, read on for the scoop..

  • The renovations worked out okay in the end. I’ll get some pics up as soon as I remember to hook my camera up to my PC and dump them
  • Welcome to Fantasy Island – Ricardo Montalban, dead at 88.
  • The Lyrics Database here at LtB be growing by leaps and bounds, and I’ve got something else in the works as soon as I can spend some time working the kinks out of the code.
  • Found out my dayjob is going to be folding up shop sometime this year for sure. Kind of saw this coming for a long time now, it’s a long story, but having the finality of the situation confirmed is well, saddening, but also a relief. Now to figure out what to do with my life going forward. 🙂
  • The little WOW related craigslist ad I linked a while back got so many funny ha has, I found another I felt the need to share. Hmm.. maybe this is my future career path.. “Professional Codegirl Trainer”….
  • Remember little Adolf? Well, he’s without a home today.