The Super Bowl Wrapup

Going into yesterday, I really *wanted* to see Arizona to win The Super Bowl, but logically I *expected* the Steelers would take it and run with it. The game actually ended up being entertaining (all the way to the end, unlike so many other games I’ve seen this year), and closer then I really expected. That said, for a moment (or more like 4 minutes), I really thought Arizona had it.. oh well… some other year.

Overall, I was f-in impressed *and* entertained, and that’s not an easy thing to do to me with a football game (Anyone who knows me knows I’m *not* a sportsfan kinda guy)… between the 100 yard interception run and the nail biting way it swung back and forth.. I was engaged the entire time. Good game.

BUT… what the hell was with the refs? No, I’m not saying anything like “The cardinals would have won if the refs hadn’t been throwing penalties all night long” because lets face it, I didn’t see a penalty thrown at them they didn’t deserve… but exactly where in the rulebook is punching an opponent while he’s on the ground trying to get up *not* grounds to eject someone from the game? I get that penalizing the Steelers yardage for it would have been, well, a non-issue because the line was already in their endzone, but take the asshole who was doing it (Sorry, I don’t remember his name right now) and toss his ass out of the rest of the game. Would it have made a difference in the outcome of the game? No, but it would have taught him a lesson (“Dude, you got tossed from the fucking super bowl for being a douche, GOOD JOB ASSHAT!”)

Now, all that said, just how old *is* Bruce Springsteen these days? And more importantly, who made the decision to let him run rampant during the Super Bowl Half Time show? Seriously. I mean, if look at the last 5 years of Super Bowl Halftime performances, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Tom Petty and now Bruce Springsteen… Am I the only one thinking “Wow, that list went to shit in a hurry!”. For the record, I liked the Prince performance, phallic guitar and all, and I’m a big Tom Petty fan personally, but even *I* can admit that going from “Sir Paul and the fuckin STONES MAN” to “Petty and Springsteen” is a atleast two or three steps down the stairway of musical talent.

And what the hell was with the cheesy referee/springsteen interplay? Are we trying a bit too hard to make Bruce seem cool and hip, or what? The only way it could have been worse was if he fist-bumped the ref and said “We Straight Dawg!”

Thursday Morning Roundup

Sorry that I’ve been slacking on the update front. Been a lot going on the last since the holidays ended, read on for the scoop..

  • The renovations worked out okay in the end. I’ll get some pics up as soon as I remember to hook my camera up to my PC and dump them
  • Welcome to Fantasy Island – Ricardo Montalban, dead at 88.
  • The Lyrics Database here at LtB be growing by leaps and bounds, and I’ve got something else in the works as soon as I can spend some time working the kinks out of the code.
  • Found out my dayjob is going to be folding up shop sometime this year for sure. Kind of saw this coming for a long time now, it’s a long story, but having the finality of the situation confirmed is well, saddening, but also a relief. Now to figure out what to do with my life going forward. 🙂
  • The little WOW related craigslist ad I linked a while back got so many funny ha has, I found another I felt the need to share. Hmm.. maybe this is my future career path.. “Professional Codegirl Trainer”….
  • Remember little Adolf? Well, he’s without a home today.

Name your child Adolf Hitler, there’s going to be issues.

Now, lets be honest here, when you give your kids names like “JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell”, and “Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell”, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that kid is going to either grow up and hate you forever, or be a social outcast. At the very least, they’re going to get some strange glances over the years when people make the connection. But naming your first borne son “Adolf Hitler Campbell”, that’s just asking for drama, and you know it…. 20 years from now, your an executive pooring through resumes, there’s two candidates, both equally qualified… but one resume has “Adolf Hitler Campbell” scrawed across it… who do you think is getting the job?

Look, I’m not looking to get into the whole “Nazism is wrong” debate, I think we all know how that one goes, I’m just saying, regardless of your beliefs, even if you think Hitler had the right idea, and do a little Sig Heil dance before dinner each night, you can not honestly tell me you think naming the child “Adolf Hitler” is a good idea for the kid, from *any* way you look at it.

Lets assume for a moment that these wee tykes somehow manage to make it through the next 18 years without turning into sociopaths and want to distance themselves from Mommie and Daddy Dearest’s delusions of supremacy…. (not likely, I know, but it could happen) the sisters could always decide to go by “JoyceLynn” and “Jeannie” and just, you know, hide the rest of their names, but lil Adolf? He’s screwed. Having a store refuse to adorn a birthday cake with his name is going to be the LEAST of this kids worries as he progresses through life.

Can you just imagine the *fun* he’s going to have on the playground?

They sure do grown them… unique in PA… 🙂

Marketing 101

Grrrr.. We're Bears!

Grrrr.. We're Bears!One of the (ever shrinking) good things about where I work is the fact that we’re in an interesting location. By interesting I mean, it’s never the same old same old. We’ve had it all… homeless bums fucking in the parking lot, homeless bums having heart attacks on our bus stop, guys rolling by the office trying to pick up the ladies out on their smoke break (“Hey baby, you workin?”), fist fights (Again, the homeless, usually), middle-aged white guys who dress like pimps, everything.

But usually I’m a, shall we say, passive bystander to all the fun. Today that changed, as I found myself sucked in, head first, into the madness that circles this place. I’m outside after lunch, minding my own business, when this guy (Latino, maybe late 30s, dressed business casual) walks up to me and asks for directions to another part of town. Okay, not that unusual, I give directions while outside smoking at least once a week. Usually they’re looking for the place that’s just around the corner, or maybe looking for the fastest way to get to I95. So I rattle off directions real quick, he says “OK, thanks!”, and adds “Here, let me give you my card.”.. and hands me a little business card sized manila envelope, then he walks off in the direction I pointed him. I shove the “card” in my pocket and go about my smoke break.

After I come inside, my curiosity starts to get the best of me. Why a business card in exchange for simple directions? He was dressed up, maybe some local politician type and he’s trolling for support at the same time as getting his directions? But if that was the case, wouldn’t he already know the area? Maybe a lawyer or something, just handing out cards trying to drum up business…. But why is the card in a sealed envelope? Who knows, but I’m gonna find out I figure.

So I take the envelope out of my pocket and look at it. It’s sealed… funky. It’s got “My Personal Card For You!” stamped on it. Stranger and stranger. Now I’m pondering foul play, but figure what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained. I cautiously inspect the envelope. No strange white power falling out of it, no lumps or anything to indicate it’s anything other then a business card in there.. I slowly open the envelope, see that it doesn’t explode, and pull out what is, after all, a card:

Lets do it big guy!
You + Me = Good Times


What. The. Fuck. OK, so while I’m not exactly basking in the glow of excitement over this guys offer (after all, I am, straight, and married to a hot little piece of ass, erm, I mean, married to a sweet, loving wife..)… I am piqued by his method of operation. Small card, hand it out to objects of desire, see who bites. Does this work for him? Whats the follow-thru ratio on a project like this, what kind of “Cost per fuck” ratio are we looking at?

And more importantly, why couldn’t this entire idea be migrated out of the “Bear Chasing Gay Latino” Community and into the world at large? No more mindless bullshit, no idle conversation or small talk, see a girl you like, hand her a card and move on, she likes you, you fuck. She doesn’t, she throws the card out. Or even better, ladies get the cards. Lady sees a guy she’s interested in, tosses him card, he, being a guy, is always down for whatever, they go off and hook up.

We’re going to revolutionize the club singles scene here!

We just need a catchy name and a marketing plan.. someone get working on that.

All around the world, girls will be girls…

Motley Crue It’s the same ol’, same ol’ situation
It’s the same ol’, same ol’ ball and chain”

Wednesday night First Mariner Arena was the scene for what had to be the single most… interesting assortment of :cough: interesting people that I have had the pleasure of witnessing in quite some time. See, that was the night that the guys from Mtley Cre stopped by here in Baltimore to as part of their Red, White and Cre tour. Slightly aged but not yet grown up rocker fans from all across the east coast converged on our own twisted little town to enjoy the show.

Now, first off, let me get it out of way.. I’m not the worlds biggest Cre fan. I admit it… back in the day I liked some of their stuff (pretty much anything off the Wild Side or Feelgood albums), but after that, well, in my mind, Cre was pretty much filed away in my brain along side groups such as Poison, Cinderella, GnR, and Warrant… that file being labeled “Groups that had a couple of songs I liked, but I would *never* go so far as to admit to liking in public, because, you know, 80s hair bands are sooo…. 80s.”

So anyway, the wife however, was a huge Cre fan, and still is, so couple of weeks ago when someone asked me “Hey, you know anybody who’d be interested in some tickets to see the Cre?” and I was like “huh? what? when?” and when I found out the show was here in Baltimore, and the date was Feb 15th… I was so like “Hmm, lemme get back to you on that…”

So long story short, some ladies got roses for Valentine’s Day… my wife however got tickets to the Cre show. And I think she was okay with that ultimatley (yeah yeah, I will still have to get her roses some other time.. but come on, she got to go to a Cre show for crying out loud… something she always wanted to do)..

So how was the show you ask? It was actually pretty good all things considered. First Mariner has a seating capacity of about 13,500 when setup for a stage-end event with floor seating.. I’d estimate there where about 8000 fans there total. (The 3rd floor was completely empty, and the 2nd floor was about 85% full at most). But those 8000 fans seemed to all have a good time, and hey.. it sure beats the turnout that Bret Michael’s is getting at shows these days (For comparison, a few months ago he did a show at a little club here in town that probably seats 400 max)… A few observations on the show as a whole if I may:

  • Vince had a little trouble with Kickstart my Heart and Dr. Feelgood. However, given that both these songs were placed way at the end of the setlist, and both are fast bitches to do, it’s kind of to be expected. However, he’s still in much better shape (physically and vocally) then he appeared to be a few years ago. (When we ran into him and his girl in Jamaica, I doubt he could have gotten through either song once… by itself… let alone the show we saw Wednesday night).
  • Never ever *EVER* ask the just home from Iraq soldier sitting infront of you his feelings on the war while waiting for the show to start. He will start yap-yap-yapping nonestop right up until the show starts, making the big mean looking guy who has to sit next to him want to bitchslap you for even bringing it up in the firstplace.
  • Being an 80s hair band in 2006 is has one major pitfall. All of those hot young groupies from back in the day? They’re all like 35-40 and well… not as hot anymore. There are still some gems in the crowd, but me thinks they’re alot harder to spot then they once were.
  • Underage girls pestering guys in beer line to buy them booze = Funny. Said underage girls getting sick, and puking all over themselves 40 minutes before the show starts and having to have an EMT and Baltimore City police escort them out of the arena = Hilarious.
  • Black leather jeans and spandex clothing for ladies should come complete with “Maximum Capactity” warning tags.