Timing is everything

Many moons ago, I had a drunken crazy inspired idea… “You know, I need a website… it needs a name… LickTheBalls… it’s perfect”… problem? That idea occured to me during a particularly drunken New Years Eve event. When I finally became conscious enough to actually register the domain, I did.. (January 2nd, yes, I partied the new year in *hard* that year it seems)…

You see the problem right? The domain expires on the 2nd now.. and I always forget until after it expires out.. the problem is my registrar starts sending me the “don’t forget, your domain is expiring soon, blah blah blah” emails in like September, and I promptly go “Bah, that’s like, next year man!” and just delete them. And then they keep sending them, every 2 or 3 days, so I just start deleting them as soon as I see them in my inbox.

And then the holidays come, and with them the madness that holidays bring… so I *really* forget.

Then sometime shortly after the first of the year, I find myself itching to post something, or just check on the site, and *whammo*, I realize the domain has expired… so I rush and renew it, and life is once again balanced and peaceful.

My bad.

Make her cower in fear at the bedroom!

The title of today’s post is brought to us by my favorite spammer of the last few weeks, who for some reason thinks the idea of *frightening* a women is going to sell more penis pills. ~shrug~

Anyway, I know this have been a little slow on the update front, but I have been working on this around here, today I unleash upon you, the LtB Image Gallery! Right now there’s just a bunch of funny-ha-ha Demotivational images in there, but more funny ha-ha will be along soon for everyone’s enjoyment. (Newest images will always be at the top of page 1)… You can find linky-links for the Image gallery over there on the left hand menu…

A New Look Already?

Yes. A new look. It’s my site, and so right now my opinion is the only one that really matters. 🙂 There’s still some little tweaks I’d like to make to make the place look exactly how I want, but right now it’s alot closer then it was a few hours ago. 🙂

Lyrics Datbase, whats this?

A little something new here at LtB starting today. I give you the Lyrics Database. I know, I know, there’s a thousand lyrics sites on the interwebs these days, why one more? Well, there is some logic behind this (maybe faulty logic, but logic none-the-less)… read on for a peak behind the madness.

Once apon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, before the pipes of the inter-tubes were graced with the goodness that is LickTheBalls, there was another site, a creation of joy, love, and harmony. And that site was good. (Okay, so really it wasn’t, but let me live in my dream world). Anyway, one feature that site had, which once was a labor of love, was a little lyrics database. Even in those pre-intertubes-clogged days, it wasn’t that rare of a creature, but it was loved, and nurtured with kindness (The database, not the site, the site was rampant with hate and icky-poo-things), and over time it became something I liked having.

Sadly, one day that site died, and with it disappeared the lyrics database. Never to be seen from again… until one day I awoke with a start and proclaimed “Yes, I can!”… No, I wasn’t running for president, I realized that the switch to Drupal was the perfect excuse to re-invent my long lost love the lyrics database. A couple custom content fields (Thank you CCK module!) and I’d have what I wanted. Throw in a rating system and it would be even better and cooler then the old one… yes…. yes…

Anyway. It’s here now. It’s no where near complete, and one day (soon, I hope) I want to see if I can scrounge up a copy of the old lyrics database from that long defunct site and import the data into the new one… in the meantime, I’ll work on it some more, and it’s already growing, living, evolving..

[Cue the mad scientist laugh]

Wait, wheres the photo gallery?!

It’ll be back. Eventually. I decided to kill the old Coppermine based gallery and work on something a bit more special. 😉 Worry not, all the old photos are stashed someplace safe.

Holy Shit, is dat sum Drupal already?

Yes. Yes it is.

I wish I had something witty, or funny ha ha to put here as the first real update with Drupal.. but figuring out how to carry over all the updates/comments from WordPress has made my head hurt. So be gentle and hopefully in a few days I’ll have some new things start popping up in here.

Or maybe not just yet.

Alright. Here’s the deal. I’ve decided that I’m abandoning wordpress and moving the site over to Drupal. Why? Because I’ve got a couple of things I want to do around here, and Drupal will let me do them. WordPress is all well and fine for a blog.. but when you want to expand to more then just a blog, you start running into problems.

So I’m holding off on implementing my “post a day” idea until *after* I get drupal up and running. Hopefully this will only take a week or so for a decent beginning. (First I have to figure out how to get all the current content imported into Drupal, and then I have to figure out a look for it).

So that’s why the “post a day” thing fell by the wayside. It will happen, just not yet. 🙁

Trying something different around these parts…

Over the next few days I’m going to try something a little different for LTB, and see how I like it. I’m going to try and *actually update regularly*. I know, I know, no way you say! No, it’s true. Each day I’m going to try and grab atleast a few little things worty of updating about. Not sure how it’s going to work just yet, but we’re going to try it and see. ~shrug~

Cha cha changes…

LtBatWineFirst off, a belated welcome to the one and only Starslayer (pictured here on the left, tasty alcoholic beverage in hand) who will be gracing our site with his sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always thought provoking writing stylings. I had meant to introduce him prior to his arrival here, but what can I say, I’m useless like that. It only took me what, six months to actually get him an account here at LtB after he expressed an interest in contributing.

Secondly, my own personal career situation could be drastically changing over the upcoming weeks, possibly as early as next week. I’m tired of watching idiotic management types make decisions about things that they don’t understand, and making the lives of those of us who have to actually do the work hell in the process. No more. I guess it boils down to “I’m tired of working for morons!”, so it’s time to make a change to something better. If anyone knows of someone who is in dire need of some mad network-fu skills, let me know. In the meantime I’ve got a plan of my own I’m going to be working towards full steam… something that’s been simmering quietly in the background for what, 5 years now, but that I’ve been too gun shy to really put in motion. What can I say.. Idiot decision-making by others can be a great motivator to light a fire under one’s ass. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Also, I’m informed that invitations for the (soon to be) world renowned 4th of July extravaganza at “Casa del hombre gordo y del polluelo flaco” have gone out. Yes, we’re having another one. Yes, the pool shall be ready (should be up this weekend if everything stays according to plan). Yes, there will be food, booze, music, and fun.