Those old familar shakes…

The lunatic is on the grass.
The lunatic is on the grass.
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs.
Got to keep the loonies on the path.

The lunatic is in the hall.
The lunatics are in my hall.
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more.

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

No, I’m not contemplating heading down to the local corner and scoring an 8ball or anything, but there has been this particular itch I’ve been trying to ignore, but it’s just not going away. It all started with this post right here. For some reason running into that file that day got me thinking about how I missed the old days, yada yada, so on and so on. Of course logically I know that the “good ole’ days” of that particular scene are long gone. Know this. Know this lesson all too well. I said to myself “forget it. Never be what it was, just let it go”… and walked away from the whole idea (so I thought).

A few days later I was thinking “Well, could always put together a web-based forum, invite everyone you still know from the old days, and see what happens?”… Heck, I even took a few moments, and hacked together an nice little forum complete with a gmail style invitation system. (“The first rule of forum club, we dont talk about forum club. Unless the person is cool, in which case they get an invite dammit!”)…. But then I realized that not only had Chuckles already started something like this.. but that me and him have (apparently) the same taste in phpBB skins, so my place looked pretty much like his (only with a custom logo, a cooler background then plain black, and a kick-ass gmail style invitation system…) So I pushed that idea to the side and went back into “Ah, screw it.” mode. That was around the second week of December.

Then yesterday, somewhere in my web-travels, I found myself in a discussion about “Favorite old school games we used to love”… and while my contribution to the discussion was more centered around “Leisure Suit Larry 1, the best fun a 10 year old could have on a PC in 1987…”…. someone mentioned “old school BBS games, like TradeWarsLORD… and BRE…” which of course started people remembering about the other greats (and not so greats)… “Operation Overkill… BarneySplat…. PimpWars…. ”

This of course, was one massively fun part of the old school BBS days.. the games. Don’t get me wrong, of course the best part was the people, and the discussions… but the GAMES man.. I miss the GAMES. And no web-based forum was going to replace them.. even if it did have a killer gmail style invitation system and wicked cool custom logo. (Hey, I is proud of the work I did on those forums, even if they will never see the light of day.. I mean.. I spent… a good 3 hours on that there forum system!)

Anyway, the problem is, all this talk of games of old got me all worked up about how much I missed ’em. I mean, we all know my sick addiction to TradeWars.. but that addiction is one I was able to scratch without fail up until about 2000 or thereabouts… Actually, there are still plenty of places I could play Tradewars now if I wanted.. the problem is all the telnet tradewars games these days are ruled by the guys with the scripted terminals, who show up on day 1 after a re-bang and dominate the universe by day 3… point being, I kept playing Tradewars well after the BBS scene was gone, and scratched that itch until it no longer bothered me… (And any time it does flare up, I just fireup my TWAR client, go hit one of the places on the net you can still play, and go at it until I get my ass handed to me by someone who already runs the universe since I’m showing up on day 180…)

But BRE? Operation Overkill? LORD? Mutha-fuckin PIMPWARS?? Those were games you just dont see anymore… and ones that I haven’t touched since the old BBS scene days folded (ie: The day everyone packed up their WWIV boards and went off to college, work, porn-surfing on the web or wherever the hell we all went off to). Even that ungodly-expensive Worldgroup system I put together around 1996-98 was missing some of the true classics (no doubt the cause of it’s demise!) because that damn thing didn’t like regular DOS based door games…

So anyway, after this whole discussion yesterday, I am itching for a good game of LORD, BRE, and especially Pimpwars.. (I just wants to be smacking my bitches up, ya know?)… so I go home last night, and set out to see if I can track down what ever happened to some of said games… of course the wife kinda caught me mid browse, well.. not really caught.. she was passing through with the pup on a potty trip and pulled out a “whatcha doing?”.. “Uh…. Uhh… just browsin… doing some catch up research…”

Cause god knows I can’t let on to what I was *really* researching… She’d just laugh at me and call me silly for even contemplating what was going through my head at the time…

But I do have a spare computer sitting unused on a shelf in the closet… I’m sure a P3-500 with 256Megs is *far* more then enough to build some kind of gaming BBS platform… Maybe I dont even have to hook it to the outside world.. I could just load it all up, get it working… and lay down some pimp-smacks in the comfort of my own network..

Course, it’d be an aweful lot of work to do all that and never share it with the rest of the world, however small amount of interest the outside world may have in such things these days.. but still.. whats the fun of being king-pimp when theres no-one to gloat over around? hmmm…

[Side Note: Yes, I am fully aware that some of the old school classics have been updated and web-ified in some ways. For instance there’s a whole new “PimpWar” flash based game, yada yada… It’s just not the same….]