Every Link is Sacred

Every link is sacred, Every link is good.
Every link is needed, In your neighborhood.
Every link is sacred, Every link is great.
If a link is wasted, Goog gets quite iraaaaaate!

— With apologies to the folks @ Monty Python

I have to take a moment, remove my “saracastic wiseass random thoughts guy” hat and put on my “intellectual quasi-saavy internet dude” hat a moment to discuss something that’s been tweaking my rage-o-meter lately. Links. Or more importantly, people who diss some types of links over others. Maybe this appeals to you, maybe it don’t. If so, read on playa, read on…

So I’m hanging out at some of my every so often website related places, webmaster forums, places filled with self proclaimed “Search Engine Optimization Experts”, and other assorted riffraff… and I see a never ending stream of conversations with topics that go something like:

Msg: I got a backlink from a PR5 site today, but instead of my carefully picked out keywords, they just used the name of my site! Is this hurting my ranking in google?!?
Reply: Yes. Ask them to fix the link text or remove the link.


Look. No link is *bad*. No Link is *evil*. No link *hurts*. Every link is sacred, every link is good! I don’t care if your site sells viagra and the linktext is “Shriveled up limp penis”… it’s a link. It’s good. Is it as good as a quality “Buy Viagra” link on a site that is an authority in the field of erectile dysfunction (And bonus points if it’s say, the John Hopkins school of medicine)? No, of course not. But links TO your site can never hurt, I don’t care what anybody says.

Sure, a link may have *little* or *no* benefit (We all know that some links Google just pretty much ignores), but it can *not* hurt. I guarantee it.

How can I know this when so many SEO “authorities” swear that links can hurt your site? (ie: “Don’t have your link on a page with more then 25 other links, because that hurts you!”). BzzZ. I’m almost 100% sure this is another of those old wives tales. Why?

Because, think for a moment. If it was possible to HURT a site by linking to it (even from a “bad web neighborhood”), how long do you think it would take someone to say to themselves “Hmmm… in addition to PROMOTING my own site, I can use some of these “hurtful” links against my competitors! It’ll boost me, and hurt them, and VOILA! Instant Riches for me!”

You know it would happen. There would be entire shady networks of “sites” designed just to be “Bad google PR” dumping grounds, and the people who run them would then sell links to people wanting to hurt their competitors…

Can *you* control who links to your site, and how? Really? Could you stop someone from running around posting your links on a bunch of pages in “bad neighborhoods”? Of course not, and that’s what would make this system I just described work…