Robo-Wife… this could end badly.

So I’m reading today about a man who created himself a little android woman.

I’ve got some thoughts on this. (Hit the bad ass little “Read More” button, you know you want to!)

Haven’t these people seen The Terminator movies? Seriously. Some things should just be left alone… I’m all for a little “never has a headache” sex-bot (and bonus points of course for making her Asian in appearance), but not at the risk of eventually having murderous robots roaming our streets hunting down and slaughtering the innocents… Come on! Of course it’s typical man-behavior to build something cool and immediately think “Oh, wow, how can I use this for… sex.”.. but it’s also typical man-behavior to follow that thought up (usually after a few weeks of sex with the new creation until it becomes old-hat), with “Oh, wow, how can I use this for… conquering my enemies.”

You know it’ll happen. History proves my theory out. Cave man invents wheel. Cave man says “Dude, four of these and I can build a wagon… which I can use to pick up chicks!” (Of course, cave man didn’t mean it the way we do nowadays as in “Impress them with my ride and they’ll want to mate with me”, he meant literally “I can club them over head, drop their limp bodies in wagon, and bring them back to the cave a wagon-full at a time! ROCK ON!”. A few months later Cave man is using same wagon to raid his neighbors house and bring back all the phat loots after killing his neighbor. Man invents, man uses invention for sex, man uses invention for war. It’s how it’s done. And it’s going to happen with androids too.. just watch.

Apon further inspection, it appears this isn’t entirely new, Le Trung had previously shared his invention with the world late last year.