Whats this? MovableType 3? Did I sell out?

Not really.


Sort of.

See, since this here place is just me, and I don’t intend to have more then 2 or three sections, a free MT license will work just fine for this site.

This doesn’t mean my hatred of the MT folks is over. Far from it. I just figured rather then spend a couple weeks creating my own system, I’d throw MT3 up, see how I like it, and then decide if I still need to create my own. But I’ve got enough other projects going on, I really don’t need to be writing yet another CMS system, ya know?

Whoa.. an update.

Alright, so I’m putting this here only because Tronster threw a link my way, and I felt bad cause, ya know, there was nothing here.

So now there is.

It would probably be more, but I’m really pissy towards the whole MovableType thing right now, and still looking for a new system to use here. Until I find/create one, things will probably be a bit sparse.

PS- If your one of those damned people who visits MT sites just to clutter up the comments with links to your penis pills, spyware infested sites, and other crap, there is a special spot in hell personally reserved for you, and your wasting your time doing it here, while I may not be updating like I should, I do regularly remove all the crap comments. 😉